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Several weeks ago we posted a blog listing ebooks and eaudiobooks recommended by Falmouth Public Library staff.  Here is another eclectic list of recommended titles.  They have all been personally enjoyed in the past month by library staff – We hope you enjoy them too! 

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Staff Picks

The Neopolitan Quartet: My Brilliant Friend, The Story of a New Name, Those Who Leave & Those Who Stay, the Story of the Lost Child,
novels by Elena Ferrante
I loved the Neopolitan novels so much, that as soon as I finished one, I began to eagerly anticipate the publication of the next. 

The salient feature of the series is the lifelong relationship between the two best friends, the narrator, Elena, and her “brilliant friend,” Lila, with both of whom I felt quite intimate.  I also enjoyed getting to know the other characters, especially those in Napels. – S.H.
(Available as ebooks in Overdrive)

Sea Prayer by Khaled Hosseini
Written by the author of The Kite Runner, this is a small book with a large message. A father writes a letter to his son about the dangers of life lived in a perilous part of the world and the voyage they soon will undertake.  He also imparts his thoughts about life’s many rewards.
The words are lyrical and full of meanings, not just for the author’s son, but for every reader.  – C.L.
(Available as an ebook in Overdrive)

The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary
Romantic comedy is not a genre I read highly, but since I prefer lighter fare with audio, I gave it a go (as a digital download on Overdrive.) 

Spoken by the alternating voices of the two protagonists in the form of post-it notes and text messages, it was the perfect listen to accompany a walk.  I liked the banter between the quirky characters and the imaginative style and plot.  Though the final outcome was predictable from the start, the story kept me guessing and wanting to hear more.  -S.H.
(Available as an ebook and an eaudiobook in Overdrive)

Over the Top  by Jonathan Van Ness 
This is one of those “you’ll laugh and cry” books.  It deals with difficult topics (like abuse and addiction) but I put it down feeling inspired and uplifted.  It reads like talking with a great friend, and Van Ness reminds us that the anxieties and struggles of learning to live in this world are universal.  – M. K.
(Available as an ebook and an eaudiobook in Overdrive)

The American Story:  conversations with master historians
by David Rubenstein
I highly recommend this book – it has “bite-sized” conversations with well-known historians about some really interesting figures and key moments in history. You might be satisfied with learning just a little about these people and events contained in this book, – or it may “whet your appetite to delve into their full-sized” biographies.”  – Carrie
(Available as an ebook in Overdrive)

Murder in the Mill Race by E.C.R. Lorac
The British Library Crime Classics- Poisoned Pen Press
As a lover of mysteries, especially from the Golden Age, I was delighted to discover this collection of mysteries back in print from British authors not as well-known as Agatha Christie or Dorothy Sayers. We have many titles available in Falmouth. – R.W
(Available as an ebook in Hoopla)

I also recently read and enjoyed:
The Dead Shall Be Raised and the Murder of a Quack by George Bellairs – R.W.
(Available as an ebook in Hoopla)

Christy by Catherine Marshall
An inspirational story of a young idealistic woman’s first year as a teacher in Cutter Gap, a rural community in the Appalachian mountains of Tennessee. Perfect for readers who enjoyed The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Michele Richardson or Jojo Moyes’ The Giver of Stars. – R.W.|
(Available as an ebook in Overdrive)

A Distance Too Grand by Regina Scott
(Historical fiction) Adventure, danger and romance in a wonderful setting: the Grand Canyon of 1871. Reader’s will find much to love. – L.W
(Available as an ebook in Hoopla)

Bargain! (Short film)
Rebel Wilson fans, check this out. A hilarious short film — 10 minutes — made in 2009, before she hit it big with Bridesmaids. – D. D.
(Available in Indieflix  New to Indieflix?  Indieflix is one of four platforms provided by RBDigital.  The others are Acorn TV, Great Courses and Qello Concerts.  One account logs you into all four platforms.  A log in lasts 1 week.  You can log in to one platform at a time.)

Fashion Climbing by Bill Cunningham (Sandra)
Bill Cunningham’s column in the New York Times, “On the Street with Bill Cunningham,” was a favorite of mine, something to look forward to each week.  The idea of this aging Bostonian bicycling around Manhattan taking pictures of random people on the street struck my fancy, his appearance giving no hint of his interest in fashion.

Cunningham’s memoir, Fashion Climbing, published posthumously, fills in the blanks about his Irish upbringing in Boston, his years at Harvard, first years in New York as a milliner, and later career as a fashion writer and photographer.

Also available at the library are a book of his photos titled On the Street, a documentary called Bill Cunningham’s New York, and another documentary soon to be released.  Any of these will put a smile on your face.  His pleasure in observation of individual style is catching!
(Available as an eaudiobook in Overdrive)

The Dreamers  by Karen Thompson Walker
This book about a fast-spreading and little-understood viral illness—published in early 2019!—reads as nothing short of uncanny during our current COVID-19 crisis (though the disease it imagines is not as ghastly). Though not action-packed, the story has a certain quiet forward motion. The characters are sympathetic, the prose is excellent, and the echoes with our current situation are often startling. – J. G.
(Available as an ebook and eaudiobook in Overdrive)

Barbarian Days: A surfing life by William Finnegan
In this time of no travel and no sports, you can get vicarious thrills from William Finnegan’s fabulous surfing memoir, Barbarian Days. You don’t have to be a surfer to feel like you’re riding the waves with him, from Hawaii to Fiji, Long Island to Madagascar. It’s a great ride and a great read. – D. D.
(Available as an ebook in Overdrive)

The Lost Vintage by Ann Mah (see links below)
Everything one could hope for in a novel: a sensual and heartbreaking story of family secrets, lost love and retribution that unfolds in the magical vineyards of Burgundy. The lost vintage evokes all the pleasures of French food and wine, even as it leaves you hungry for answers.
– L. W.
(Available as an ebook in Overdrive and an audiobook in Hoopla.)

Bonus for National Poetry Month!
Two audiobooks of poetry by Billy Collins available in Overdrive
Aimless Love:  new and selected poems
Billy Collins Live

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