Falmouth Public Library Is Once Again Open!

Proceeding with great caution, the Falmouth Public Library will reopen to the public beginning Monday, September 21st.  We ask that all library visitors help to make this a success.  For the safety of the staff and visitors, masks will be required of everyone in the building at all times.  If you do not have a mask, a mask will be provided.  Hand sanitizer will be available at all entrances to the building.  For those patrons who want to continue to reduce their exposure, the main library will offer outside delivery by appointment.

Many things have changed in the months that the library has been closed.  The first thing to take note of are the new hours.  The main library will now open each day at 10:00 AM and close at 5:30 PM or, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, at 8:30 PM.  Not all library services will be immediately available when the building is reopened.  In order to create the necessary social distancing, public seating will be more limited.  The large study tables throughout the library will now have a single chair. To protect the younger visitor, toys and other high-touch items, have been removed from the Children’s Room.  The hope is that families will come to select the materials they are interested in and bring them home.

Signs are posted around the library indicating the recommended capacity for each room.  While we do not anticipate this being an issue, we ask for your cooperation if you are asked to wait until someone leaves the area where you wish to go.  At this time, the meeting rooms in the library are not available for booking.  The Bay Room is being used for quarantining returned materials.  Library visitors will find book trucks in the Adult Collection Room, Children’s Room and the Periodical Reading Room on which to place materials they have consulted, so that those materials may enter the quarantine process.

This is a new experience for everyone.  The library staff continues to take guidance from state and local leaders.  If the numbers continue to indicate the community is doing well, we plan to reopen to the public on Monday, September 21st at 10:00 AM.  Library staff will be working to protect your safety and that of all others in the building.  We look forward to welcoming you back and ask for the cooperation of all who use the Falmouth Public Library.

Update we are now open!

8 comments on “Falmouth Public Library Is Once Again Open!

  1. susie callahan says:

    imissed everyone

    1. Sue Henken says:

      We have missed everyone too!

  2. Judi Keller says:

    Yea yea yea…..have missed all of my library angels…….

    1. Sue Henken says:

      That is so nice-we have missed you all as well!

  3. Karen Magno says:

    This is great news. I took advantage of both curbside pickup and texting service and both worked great. Also the Android App works great too. Thank you.

    1. Sue Henken says:

      That is great to hear, and we look forward to seeing you!

  4. It seems like forever that you’ve been closed! So glad you’re open again!

    1. Sue Henken says:

      It does indeed-and so are we!

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