A Message From the Director

During this time of the virus, I know we all want things to return to normal and what could be more normal than a trip to the library? While the governor has included libraries in the list of establishments that are permitted to be open, it comes with many restrictions: patron entry to the library would be limited to the circulation desk for pickup of materials only; all seating areas would be closed; and the use of public computers, printers, and other shared technology would be prohibited. To protect our patrons and library staff, we are looking at creative ways to provide these services outside the library buildings.
Interlibrary delivery has begun, so you can now request any items in the CLAMS network, and they will be available for outside pickup. The Commonwealth Catalog is not yet up and running, but we hope it will be soon.  At our East Falmouth branch there is a collection of new fiction, non-fiction, large print, children’s and teen books outdoors on book trucks for you to browse and select from. Our North Falmouth branch also has a browsing collection in their lobby. Our main library and branches all offer Grab and Go creative kits for children and adults to work on at home. The library WiFi extends beyond the building and can be accessed from the picnic tables on the west side of the building or from the library lawn. We even have a few electrical outlets on the outside of our building.  Both our North and East Falmouth branches also offer WiFi that can be accessed beyond the library walls. As an added service, the main library has begun circulating mobile hot spots that you can use to connect to your laptop or tablet. We continue to explore different options for our patrons and are happy to receive your suggestions. 
Each library in the Commonwealth, in consultation with their municipality, will decide when they are ready to open and at what level of service. While services and offerings will vary from library to library, it is recommended that libraries approach reopening in a phased process, being aware of community transmission rates following state directives and working closely with the municipality leadership and the local board of health, the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, the Board of Library Trustees, and the CLAMS Network. 
Linda Collins
Director of the Falmouth Public Library

2 comments on “A Message From the Director

  1. Candace Crocker says:

    Thank God! Not having my library is equal to having bamboo shoots shoved under my fingernails!

  2. T. A, Bower says:

    What very thoughtful adaptations of the functions of “library”!

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