Staff Picks

Wondering what library staff like to read, watch or listen to when they are off duty?  Then check out the Staff Picks collection – it is an eclectic assortment of books, DVDs, CDs that reflect the varied interests of the individuals who work here. 

This page features a random dozen Staff Picks cards from the collection of about 100 titles.  It will be updated periodically so check back to see what’s new! 

You might notice some cards are signed or initialed and some are anonymous.  If you try guessing the authors of the anonymous cards based on the handwriting – you might be chasing a red herring!  The Staff Picks collection manager sometimes needs to replace lost or worn out cards with her own distinctive (read: messy) handwriting.  

Here is a complete list of current Staff Picks with links to the catalog.  Clicking on a card below will make it larger and easier to read.

Updated: January 13th, 2021