Staff Recommendations

If you enjoy a good booklist, we hope you’ll browse ours and find something to read and enjoy this year.

Choose Privacy Week

May 1 - 7, 2017

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IndieNext: April 2017

We have many of the newest IndieNext reads curated by independent booksellers from all around the country.

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Staff Picks

We love reading and sharing our favorites with you. You will find these titles on our Staff Picks shelf at the library.

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Books On The Point

Topic: Bird Books

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Hard Times, Desperate Measures: New Rural Noir

Usually Southern or Midwestern, these are desperate areas in hard times, and the stories that come out of them are full of moody atmosphere and humanity laid bare.

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In the Waiting Room: Medical Memoirs

A stunning diagnosis. A life-changing accident. A debilitating condition. These first-person narratives explore the physical and emotional terrain of illness with an honesty that can be both humorous and heartbreaking.

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Eat Well

We've compiled a list of recommended whole foods, clean eating and plant-based cookbooks to help you start the new year off eating well.

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Discovery & Invention: Shaping the World

From the mysteries of our own genetic code to the technological innovations of the digital age, these books show us how scientific discovery and invention shape the world -- and what we can do in it.

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Game Changers

Figures Changing History

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Love is in the Air: Humorous Romances

Love's a funny business -- and, in these books, it's downright hilarious. Find love and laughs here!

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Mind your Wallet

Cooking on a budget

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Mysteries set in the United States, mystery series set in foreign cultures, and stand-alone mysteries are all here.

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Best of Graphic Novels

Here are our favorite fiction and nonfiction graphic novels for teens and adults.

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Cape Cod Mysteries

If you enjoy mysteries and stories set on Cape Cod, you will find something to love here.

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Fiction Audiobooks To Go

Whether you have a long commute to work or would like an engaging read to listen to while you knit, our librarian Donna Burgess recommends these entertaining audiobooks.

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A Sampling of Cape Cod Fiction

If you love reading about where you live, you have found the right list.

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