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The Cancer Resource Center (CRC)  was created in 2010 through a partnership of the Falmouth Hospital and the Falmouth Public Library.  Located at the main library, the CRC is a place where patients, their loved ones and anyone looking for cancer information can go to find reliable sources.    Reference librarians are always available to help you find the best materials to answer your questions, whether it be free handouts in the reference room, magazines and newsletters in the reading room, books on our shelves or reliable websites.    There are an overwhelming number of places to find information on cancer, let us help you find the most trustworthy and helpful.

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Cape Cod Organizations & Support Groups:


dictionary 3Cancer Terms & Drugs Defined:

Cancer Terms

American Institute for Cancer Research:  Glossary of Terms  This is a short list of basic terms commonly used in cancer care.  The definitions are short and simple.

Cancer Research Institute:  Glossary  This is a much longer list of terms used in cancer care, also with short and simple definitions.  You can only browse lists of terms; there is no search box.

National Cancer Institute Dictionary of Cancer Terms  This long list of cancer terms allows you to type in your term or browse a list.  The more thorough, but easily understandable definitions, also contain phonetic spellings and an audio recording of someone speaking the term so you can hear it pronounced correctly.

Cancer Drugs

Medline Plus:  Drugs, Herbs and Supplements   This long list contains not only cancer drugs, but drugs, herbs and supplements used for other health conditions.  Lots of very helpful information is clearly written in a Q & A format which makes it easy to find just what you need.  The summaries include phonetic spellings of the drug, but no audio recording.

National Cancer Institute:  A to Z List of Cancer Drugs   This list includes more than 200 cancer drugs, listed by their abbreviation or common name.  The summaries include their brand and generic names and thorough usage information and side effects.  They also contain phonetic spellings and an audio recording of someone speaking the name so you can hear it pronounced correctly.


 keyboard 2Recommended Websites:

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The websites and links listed on this page are for informational purposes only. You should not use them to diagnose, treat, or make a decision regarding any medical condition.  Please consult your doctor about any health matter that concerns you.  Falmouth Public Library does not assume any legal liability for anything you may find on these websites or links.


Websites for Many Types of Cancers

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s Web Resources Page    A comprehensive list of websites for a wide variety of cancer-related topics.

Clinical Trials

American Cancer Society  A long form to help you find a clinical trial near your home.

Cape Cod HealthCare  Contact information for a local Research Nurse who can help you find an appropriate trial, as well as other types of  information and support.  Discusses the pros and cons of clinical trials.  A service of the National Institutes of Health.

National Cancer Institute: How to Find a Cancer Treatment Trial: a Ten-Step Guide

National Cancer Institute: “Taking Part in Cancer Treatment Research Studies” booklet in pdf.

Support Groups

Online only.  For local, in-person support groups, please see Cape Cod Organizations & Support Groups above.

American Cancer Society:  Cancer Survivor’s Network  A comprehensive list of online sources of support, including patients stories about talking to their children about their cancer and “theravive,” a network of licensed therapists.

Cancer Support Community


Teens  (Touched by cancer in any way, as a patient, family member or friend.)


American Cancer Society

Cancer Support Community:   See the “Support for friends and family” messageboard

National Cancer Institute: “When Someone You Love is Being Treated for Cancer:  Support for Caregivers” booklet in pdf

Websites for Specific Cancers