The Secret of Saying Thanks

The other afternoon I was sitting at the Help Desk, and suddenly noticed a parade of children, led by Donna Skinner of the children’s room, marching by my desk. Turned out they were on a mission from the children’s room. They had just had a a meeting of their junior book club (for grades one to three) in which Donna had read to them a book called The Secret of Saying Thanks by Douglas Wood ; illustrated by Greg Shed . After reading the story, they all decorated small paper turkeys and wrote inside what they were thankful for. You might see one of these paper turkeys tucked inside a book, or just waiting at a computer keyboard. Be sure to pick it up, read what’s inside, and maybe even think about what you are thankful for this week. Thanks to Donna for making an ordinary afternoon in the library extraordinary.

3 comments on “The Secret of Saying Thanks

  1. Laura says:

    What a great idea! I look forward to finding them!

  2. Faith says:

    I agree, what a great idea!  We adults would benefit from writing down what we are thankful for too.  I am thankful for a free (as in both no cost and no censorship) public library system in this country.

  3. Kim L. says:

    In addition to the great programs like this one in the Children’s Department; I am thankful for my Falmouth Library.  I could not live without it!

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