The Library is Transformed with Kniffiti!

You have to see it to believe it.  The main library is bedecked with all sorts of colorful and whimsical creations made out of yarn graffiti, or kniffiti as rebel yarn crafters like to say.  Wooden chairs sport crocheted and knitted covers with surprising textures and patterns, a seating area by a bank of windows has become an “aquarium” and Charlotte has spun a new web in the children’s department.  But that isn’t all.  Take a tour of every room on the top floor, the hallway downstairs and the children’s room, and discover for yourself all of the creations, large and small. 

Why did we do it? For fun, to stretch our creative muscles, to experiment with yarns and stitches we wouldn’t ordinarily use, to investigate our terrific collection of yarn crafting books at the library, to build community and bring some color to the library during the cold, gray month of March.  About a dozen ladies met at the library every Saturday morning in January and February to create our projects out of yarn that was donated to the cause by generous local yarn lovers.  We probably received 40 pounds of yarn in our donation box during December, including all types and colors imaginable.  And some were beyond my imagination!  On Saturday February 27 we installed our creations (it took more than two hours) and then after all of our hard work, we celebrated with refreshments under the stained glass dome.  There were cake and drinks for all lucky visitors who happened to arrive in time to partake.  The excitement was palpable.  Quiet library?  Not on Saturday.  We were having way too much fun transforming the library into a hotspot for creativity.  Come on down to see our “Library Yarns” display and tell us what you think.

The installation will be up through March 31st.

2 comments on “The Library is Transformed with Kniffiti!

  1. Laura F. says:

    Fantastic! What a great idea, and such fun to walk around and see all the different installations!

  2. Faith says:

    Thanks, Laura!

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