The Beginner’s Guide to Using an iPad

When you think of the word “iPad,” what comes to mind? You’re not alone if you’re fascinated by this lightweight, wireless device that can connect magically to the internet, but are also left wondering: “what else can I do with it”? “What else could I be doing with it?”

You can find out about all the ways you can use an iPad during our free class in January, including which apps to use for which activities, how to navigate the versatile iPad screen, how to access & experiment with diverse apps in the Apple Store, how to use the iPad camera, and much, much more. You might remember seeing Lori Cooney in the library a few months ago when she taught an introduction to iPhotography for adults. She will back to teach this class, a much-asked for beginner’s workshop for iPad users, on January 9 from 3:30-4:30PM in the Hermann Room (registration is encouraged).

If you can’t make it to our class, we have plentiful resources here at the library, and even a free subscription to, the behemoth resource of online courses. And, if you make your way to the library, please feel free to ask a Reference Librarian for help, too. Many of us are familiar with new & emerging technologies, not just limited to the iPad, and are always happy to help anyone who needs assistance.

New Books:

iPad with iOS 8 for Seniors : Learn to Work with the iPad with iOS 8
Teach Yourself Visually iPad


Exploring iPad for Dummies
iPad 2: The Missing Manual
iPad for Dummies
How to Do Everything iPad
Get Started with From Home

First, visit our website: and click on “Library Databases.” Scroll down until you see Once you’ve created an account and are logged in, you can click on any of these online courses or search for “iPad” in the search bar to see which classes are available.

Here are a few of our favorites, which are especially helpful to beginners:

iPad Tips or Tricks

iPhone & iPad: Essential Training

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