To increase the headache for tax filers using paper forms and instructions, this year the IRS has sent out two important notices about changes since materials were printed.  Please take note of the following:


Notice 1437 (February, 2018)
In a nutshell, the notice states that the most up-to-date forms are on the government website, and that print forms already dispersed may or may not still be current.


Correction to the 2017 Instructions for Form 1040
This correction is for one line in “the Worksheet To See if You Should Fill in For 6251–Line 45”. 


In addition, our supply of Massachusetts resident booklets is almost gone.  We are limited to requesting only one additional box, which we have done.   The arrival time is unknown.  When the supply runs out, we will not be able to get any more paper copies.  Paper forms and the booklet can be printed out from the state government website, or you can file online using MassTax Connect, a secure website, new this year, also located at

If you need to print paper forms or instructions, there is a designated computer in the reference room for patrons to use.  Black and white prints are 20¢ a page and color prints are 40¢ a page.  Print outs are single-sided only.  Payment is in cash only – no checks, debit or credit cards accepted.  You do not need a library card to print.

You may have noticed that for the past several years the federal and state governments have been making it increasing difficult for tax payers to file their taxes using paper forms and instructions.  Their goal is to get everyone to file online.  Filing online is cheaper, faster and more accurate, with faster refunds as a bonus.  First, beginning years ago, they stopped providing forms and instructions to Post Offices.  They were distributed only through tax offices and public libraries.  Then, they reduced the types of materials available to libraries from the thirty or so forms and instructions we used to get, to simply the basics: 1040, 1040A and 1040 EZ forms and instructions.  Now, both the federal and state governments are severally limiting the number of copies we receive.   Be on the lookout for any possible future amendments to tax forms.  If we learn of any, we’ll post another blog.



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