Friday Reads: Small Pets


“Friday Reads” is a weekly blog written by reference librarian Faith Lee about great books, magazines, and the occasional reference work.    Topics may be new titles added to the library, selections from the Staff Picks shelf or about something she recently read.  Admittedly, there is a definite slant toward nonfiction, because, well, she’s a reference librarian and likes to learn new things.  Guest bloggers take a turn sometimes too.  No matter the source, good reads are featured here. 


If you have a small pet or are thinking of getting one, you should know about a wonderful little book we recently added to our collection … The Illustrated Practical Guide to Small Pets and Pet Care by David Alderton

The inner flap states:  “This expertly written guide looks at small mammals – including rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils and jirds [Yes, that is correct, a jird is a gerbil-like animal.], chinchillas, rats and mice – as well as birds, herptiles [Yes again, herptiles is a group that inlcudes reptiles and amphibians.], invertebrates, and fish. Each chapter features popular breeds from within each species, based on a availability and suitability for a domestic home-life.  There is detailed advice on how to choose the best pet for your lifestyle and which species are the most suitable for younger children, as well as practical tips for what to look for when buying a pet; suitable housing and exercise; foods for a balanced diet; pet health and how to respond when your pet is sick.”

This book is sure to be popular once word gets out.  You can find it on the new nonfiction shelf with the call # 636.0887 ALD.

Valentine’s day is coming up.  Please be a responsible pet owner and do not surprise someone with a pet for a gift.  Rabbits and love birds may seem like a cute idea, but if the new owner is not emotionally invested and prepared to take care of a surprise pet, it will likely be neglected or even abused.  This book will let you know what you can expect with small pet ownership so you can make an educated decision about which type of pet will be right for you.



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