Reference Librarian Donna Burgess Retires

We are sad to report that our long time colleague, Donna Burgess, has retired as of this month. We, of course, are happy for Donna and her husband who we trust will be back in travel mode once we get to the other side of the current pandemic. They were lucky enough to have spent all of last January in Italy!

As our Director, Linda Collins, wrote: “I particularly appreciated her calm demeanor and ability to manage all patrons in a way that made them feel they were the highlight of her day. Her willingness to take on special tasks at a moment’s notice was impressive. Who else would offer to give a group of visiting nuns from Ireland, a full library tour beginning at 5:00 pm on a Saturday night.”

Donna began as a full time reference librarian, but then went to part-time. She wore many hats at the Falmouth Public Library, including overseeing the teen room at one point in her career here, which included, among other things, an amazing outside carnival! Donna also helped to run the library’s fiction book club for many, many years, and spearheaded many library programs. Donna’s good humor and ability to multi-task were both valued traits during her years at the library. We know she helped many of you with reference questions of all kinds. If you remember how she might have helped you, please let us know.

We wish her all the best, and hope to have a wonderful celebration of her time at FPL once we are able.

Jill Erickson
Head of Reference & Adult Services

5 comments on “Reference Librarian Donna Burgess Retires

  1. Sheila says:

    And the candy store. When I think of Donna I think of candy. Best of luck, Donna. Enjoy your retirement. You deserve it.

  2. Faith Lee says:

    Yes, Donna always brought in treats from the family candy store, Brewster Sweets, to share with her book clubs. She was a sweet one, that Donna!

  3. Katherine Crew says:

    Oh my goodness! I will miss her soo soo much.

  4. Paul Dreyer says:

    Donna was always pleasant with a great attitude and seemed to easily find things based on my strange requests. Stay safe.

    1. Sue Henken says:

      Thank you for sharing that, we are happy to hear it-and will miss her greatly here! You as well.

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