Patrick Dacey on July 13

We’re pleased to welcome Patrick Dacey on Thursday, July 13 at 5:00pm for our kick-off event to begin the 2017 Books & Authors Festival season.

Patrick Dacey will read from his new novel The Outer Cape and sign copies of his book following the event. The Outer Cape will be available for purchase from Eight Cousins Bookstore.

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Reviews & Interviews

NPR says of The Outer Cape, “What’s most impressive about The Outer Cape is how Dacey finds new life in a genre that’s at risk of being played out. “Unhappy families living in New England” has been explored by writers as talented as John Updike, Richard Yates and John Cheever, but Dacey mimics none of them — his rough-edged, plainspoken style is all his own”. Read the full review here.

“As they descended onto the peninsula, there was a drumming underneath the hood, then the sharp tapping like a clunky washing machine as the Wagoneer picked up speed. To Robert, the noises of his old Wagoneer made it sound as though the bridge were collapsing behind them. Technically, the Cape is an island. Without the bridge, you would need a ferryboat to take you across to the mainland, where each village has its Main Street and Sea Street and old barns renovated into antique stores or pricey restaurants with stuffed quail on the menu. The farther out you go, the narrower the roads get, the closer the ocean, so that at night, when there are only one or two cars passing by, you can hear the sloshing of the fishing boats in Wequaquet Harbor, hear the waves roll and crash and draw back into the sea.”

Originally from the Cape, Dacey now lives in Richmond, VA. Richmond’s Style Magazine interviewed him about the challenges of writing a novel after his debut of short stories, writing about places and characters based on childhood memories, and more. Read the full interview here.

Necessary Fiction interviews Patrick about his book of short stories, We’ve Already Gone This Far. Read the full interview here. 

Patrick Dacey holds an MFA from Syracuse University. He has taught English at several universities in the U.S. and Mexico, and has worked as a reporter, landscaper, door-to-door salesman, and most recently on the overnight staff at a homeless shelter and detox center. His stories have been featured in The Paris Review, Zoetrope All-StoryGuernica, Bomb magazine, and Salt Hill among other publications. Patrick is the author of The Outer Cape and We’ve Already Gone This Far. Follow him on Twitter @DaceyPatrick and on Facebook.

A Novel & a Book of Short Stories

The Outer Cape

A piercing and compassionate debut novel about how the new generations atone for the sins of the old in small-town America.

Robert and Irene Kelly were a golden couple of the late ’70s–she an artist, he a businessman, each possessed by dynamism and vibrancy. But with two young boys to care for, Irene finds herself confined by the very things she’d dreamed of having. And Robert, pressured by Irene’s demands and haunted by the possibility of failure, risks the family business to pursue a fail-safe real estate opportunity.

Twenty years later, their now-grown sons, Nathan and Andrew, are drawn back to confront a fateful diagnosis. As they revisit the Cape Cod of their childhood, the ghosts of the past threaten to upend the tenuous peace of the present.

We’ve Already Gone This Far

A heartfelt, vital collection; the debut of an exciting new talent already hailed as one of George Saunders’ “favorite young American writers”.

In Patrick Dacey’s stunning debut, we meet longtime neighbors and friends–citizens of working-class Wequaquet–right when the ground beneath their feet has shifted in ways they don’t yet understand. Here, after more than a decade of boom and bust, love and pride are closely twinned and dangerously deployed: a lonely woman attacks a memorial to a neighbor’s veteran son; a dissatisfied housewife goes overboard with cosmetic surgery on national television; a young father walks away from one of the few jobs left in town, a soldier writes home to a mother who is becoming increasingly unhinged. We’ve Already Gone This Far takes us to a town like many towns in America, a place where people are searching for what is now an almost out-of-reach version of the American Dream.

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