Our Heartfelt Sympathy…

The Director and the staff of the Falmouth Public Library wish to extend their heartfelt sympathy to the Sandy Hook families who have suffered such an unfathomable loss and to let the Sandy Hook community know that they are in our thoughts as they attempt to navigate their way through such difficult times. 

In order to help our own community cope with the possible impact of such a tragedy, the Library has put together a collection of pertinent resources that address issues that may arise due to such a tragic event.

Books from our Adult Collection:

Children Changed by Trauma- A Healing Guide by Debra Whiting Alexander.  Shows parents and others what they can do to help children who have witnessed a traumatic event cope with emotions, learn to talk about what happened, and begin to feel safe again.

Books from our Children’s Collection:

On that Day: A Book of Hope for Children by Andrea Patel.  Sometimes bad things happen in the world. But there will always be good things in the world, too. You are one of those good things. With simple language and a heart-felt message, Andrea Patel addresses a timely and timeless question: What can you do when bad things happen? “Whatever we as teachers, and as adults, can offer the children-and each other-in the way of reassurance, and hope, and optimism, can only help heal us all.”

Sometimes Bad Things Happen by Ellen Jackson.  PreS-Gr 2-This book is designed to help children cope with “bad things” that occur in their everyday lives and to allow them to explore their feelings of sadness, fear, anger, etc. Some of the examples offered include a game being canceled, a sibling being pushed by a bully, adults fighting, and seeing scary news stories on television. After acknowledging the emotions, Jackson reassures youngsters that while “a few people do bad things” most people “want to make the world a better place for everyone.”

A Terrible Thing Happened by Margaret Holmes.  This gently told and tenderly illustrated story is for children who have witnessed any kind of violent or traumatic episode.

This Place I Know: Poems of Comfort.  Gr 1 Up-In memory of the September 11th tragedy, this book was compiled initially to offer hope and comfort to children who witnessed the event firsthand, but has far broader application, speaking to all people, young and old, who suffer trauma. Eighteen poems, by contemporary and 19th-century poets, deal with loss, fear, and grief, and touch on feelings deep within, reminding readers that goodness and love prevail, after all, and that there is enduring strength in the constancy of nature. Work by 18 well-known children’s book illustrators such as William Steig, Petra Mathers.

Online Resources:

Children and Grief

Disaster and Trauma Resource Center

Early Childhood Resource Center @ Falmouth Public Library

(Hard copies of all online documents are available, as well, in the Library.)

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