One Big Home Screening

The Falmouth Public Library is pleased to host a film screening of One Big Home, directed by Thomas Bena and produced and edited by James Holland.

Filmed over the course of 12 years on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, One Big Home highlights the power of local organizing to promote conservation and to preserve a community’s historic sense of place. We hope you can join us for this groundbreaking work on Friday, June 22 at 3:00 p.m. in the Hermann Meeting Room.

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Trophy homes, mega mansions, and development threaten the resort island of Martha’s Vineyard. When a 15,000-square-foot compound is built beside a fragile pond, a carpenter takes off his tool belt and picks up a camera. Bumping up against tired cliches, angry homeowners, and builders who would rather look the other way, he forms an unlikely band of concerned locals -everyone from Hollywood filmmakers to the town custodian-and helps to pass a new bylaw to limit house size.

“A passionate and self-discerning film…I loved it. It made me cry. ”
— D.A. Pennebaker, director, Don’t Look Back, The War Room

“Everyone needs to see this film.”
— Geraldine Brooks, Pulitzer Prize winning author

“ONE BIG HOME is a remarkably moderate, grown up piece of work which really stands out in the current climate and will give US cinemagoers something refreshingly different to engage with.”
— Jennier Kermode, Eye For Film (UK)

Thomas Bena: Thomas earned a degree in marketing from UMass Amherst in 1989, but working in the business world wasn’t for him, so after nine short months he grabbed a backpack and a surfboard and headed to Australia to “find himself.” Almost a decade later, he discovered Martha’s Vineyard. In 2001, he founded the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival (now in its seventeenth season). His film directing, editing, and producing credits include Casa del Soul, a short surfing film, Jumpstart My Vega, a travelogue/surf film, and Capawock, a short film starring Wampanoag medicine man Luther Madison. One Big Home, which took twelve years to make, is his first feature-length documentary film.

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