Never forget a title again … opt in to your reading history!

More often than you can imagine, we have people come to the reference desk desperate to find a book they once read. Usually the person at the desk will say something like, “I’m looking for a short novel with a red cover that was set in the 19th century. I read it a few years ago, and I loved it, but I can’ t remember the author or the title!” There are lots of ways we might look for this book. We might try Novelist, we might actually have read the book, we might ask other librarians, but there is a really great way for you to remember what you have read! Keep an online list, which you can do thanks to the CLAMS catalog! Reading history to the rescue!

Have you ever tried to remember the title of the book you read awhile ago but your mind goes blank? Or you’ve read three books in a series, but can’t recall if they were in the right order? Or who the author was? You can solve these mysteries by opting into Reading History in your CLAMS account! Once you’ve Opted in, all future items checked out on your account will be recorded in your Reading History. You can decide if you want the computer to keep a list of those titles. You will be able to delete specific items from your list, to delete the list altogether or to ‘Opt Out” at any time. To delete titles on your list, simply mark the titles. Then, click on the Delete Marked button.

To opt out of My Reading History altogether, delete all of the titles on your list, then, click on the Opt Out button. The computer will no longer keep a record of what you borrowed. But if you want to remember that you read (well, at least checked out) A Blunt Instrument by Georgette Heyer in 2006, you definitely want to opt in! Give it a try!

And by the way, even though it is called “reading history” it also remembers the DVDs and books on CD and musical CDs and everything else you might check out, not just the books!

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