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This morning on The Point with Mindy Todd we talked about all kinds of nature books. We had the great pleasure of having Dennis Minsky join us this morning, and I know my reading list just got a lot longer listening to him! Many thanks to our listeners as well, who suggested wonderful nature books for us all to investigate.  As a side note, one listener suggested a book by John Stilgoe, who was my boss when I had my first job as a junior counselor at the South Shore Natural Science Center in Norwell! How sweet that one of his books is on our listener picks list.

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Dennis’ Picks

Cape Cod by Henry David Thoreau

Common Ground:a naturalist’s Cape Cod and The Primal Place by Robert Finch

“Wild Geese” and “The Summer Day” from New and Selected Poems by Mary Oliver

Approaching Ice: poems by Elizabeth Bradfield

Peacocks of Baboquivari and A Cape Cod Journal by Erma J. Fish

The Salt House by Cynthia Huntington

The Whale: in search of the giants of the sea and The Sea Inside by Philip Hoare

The Peregrine by J. A. Baker

Buffalo for the Broken Heart: restoring life to a Black Hills ranch by Dan O’Brien

Not Enough Time For:

The Cultural Lives of Whales and Dolphins by H. Whitehead and L. Rendell

Moby-Dick, or The Whale by Herman Melville

Sick of Nature by David Gessner

Ill Nature by Joy Williams

Biophilia by E. O. Wilson

Also: Aldo Leopold, Henry Beston, John Hay, Annie Dillard, and Wendell Berry

Jill’s Picks

The Norton Book of Nature Writing edited by Robert Finch and John Elder

Essays of E. B. White. Particularly “The Eye of Edna,” “The Winter of the Great Snows,” “Once More to the Lake,’ and “A Slight Sound at Evening.”

New and Selected Poems by Mary Oliver. Particularly “Wild Geese” and “At Blackwater Pond”

The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens. Particulalry “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.”

Staying Put: making a home in a restless world by Scott Russell Sanders

Sightlines: a conversation with the natural world by Kathleen Jamie

Ancient Trees: portraits of time by Beth Moon

Natural Histories Opulent Oceans: extraordinary rare book selections from the American Museum of Natural History Library by Melanie L. J. Stiassny

O Pioneers! By Willa Cather

“Why is it? If I feel that way, I feel that way. I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do. I feel as if this tree knows everything I ever think of when I sit here. When I come back to it, I never have to remind it of anything; I begin just where I left off.” In part VIII of the section “Neighboring Fields.”

Journal of a Solitude by May Sarton

Listener Picks

Outermost House by Henry Beston

Northern Farm: a chronicle of Maine by Henry Beston

Herbs and the Earth by Henry Beston

Mary Richmond’s Cape Cod Art and Nature

Outside Lies Magic: regaining history and magic in everyday places by John Stilgoe

Sisters of the Earth: women’s prose and poetry about nature edited by Lorraine Anderson.

Birdology: adventures with a pack of hens, a peck of pigeons, cantankerous crows, fierce falcons, hip hop parrots, baby hummingbirds, and one murderously big living dinosaur by Sy Montgomery

Good Good Pig: the extraordinary life of Christopher Hogwood by Sy Montgomery

The Owl Who Liked Sitting on Caesar: living with a tawny owl by Martin Windrow

Art Forms in Nature: the prints of Ernst Haeckel by Ernst Haeckel

Braiding Sweetgrass: indigenous wisdom, scientific knowledge and the teachings of plants by Robin Wall Kimmerer. No one on CLAMS has this yet, but you can be sure I am ordering a copy for the library today! In the meantime, you might want to try reading another book by her called Gathering Moss: a natural and cultural history of mosses, which is available in CLAMS.

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  1. madamebutterfly says:

    This article is awesome! thank you for sharing this list!  You have a lovely, interesting and informative site here. I’m enjoying looking at your book recommendations. i want to have one of this soon. i love nature.. i have this book you might also want to have it.. its great! this book has detailed illustrations of 100 species of butterflies and moths. that can help you identify them and appreciate more about nature.

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