Long Pond Water Treatment Plant Tour

One of our staff members, Maren Plueddemann, recently took a tour of the Long Pond Water Treatment Plant. I thought it was so interesting, I asked if she would tell us what she saw, and if we could post some of her photos. Here is her report with photographs over on our Flickr page.

“On Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015, Water Superintendent, Steve Rafferty, conducted a tour of the Long Pond water treatment plant for a group of attendees of the Falmouth Citizens Academy. The Citizens Academy, a 9 week course of presentations by Town Departments is facilitated by Rep. David Viera.

In early November the raw water intake pipes will be directionally drilled into Long Pond.  The Water Department is scheduled to have this facility operational in Spring of 2017.”

2 comments on “Long Pond Water Treatment Plant Tour

  1. Faith says:

    Is this why a new road has been put in leading off of Gifford Street toward the pond south of the intersection with Brick Kiln Road?

  2. Reference Desk says:

    Yes, that new road, with the chain link fence, leads to the water treatment plant. It is not accessible to the public because it is a construction site, but if you want to view the plant, take a walk on the footpath around the pond.


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