Library Historical Images: Library Minutes and Patrons

Here is another example from the Library’s Historical Documents Project, funded through the Community Preservation Fund.

From The Library Minutes and Patrons of 1893, page one, lists the Rules and Regulations of the Falmouth Free Public Library:

Article I: The Library shall be open for the delivery of books on every Wednesday and Saturday, from four to six, and seven to nine o’clock, P.M.

Farther down the list of articles we find Article VIII: No person returning a book to the Library shall be at liberty to retake the same until the next Library day.  All the books when returned shall be delivered to the Librarian, who shall examine and place them upon the shelves before they are again given out, except by special permission of the Librarian.

By the way, we also discovered among the volumes that very first Falmouth Free Public Library cards were issued to S.A. Holton and Grace Holton.

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