Kind Book Recommendations

World Kindness Day was November 13th, but every day is a good day to be kind! Here are five book recommendations for humans ages 3-99 that are great conversation starters about kindness:

Those Shoes

By Maribeth Boelts, illustrated by Noah Z. Jones

Jeremy is desperate for a pair of the cool new shoes all his classmates seem to have at school, but his grandmother can’t afford to buy him anything but sensible shoes. He finally gets a pair, but has to make a difficult decision when he notices a schoolmate with worn shoes.


Sidewalk Flowers

By Jon Arno Lawson, illustrated by Sydney Smith

A wonderful wordless picture book (wordless books are woefully underappreciated—more on that in another post!) about a girl who picks flowers on a walk through her city and gives them away to those she passes along the way.


A Sick Day for Amos McGee

By Philip C. Stead, illustrated Erin E. Stead

When an elderly zookeeper who takes fastidious care of each of his charges falls ill, the animals in his care decide it’s time to tend to their sick friend.


Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters

retold & illustrated John Steptoe

In this retelling of a folktale from modern-day Zimbabwe, Mufaro has two daughters: Nyasha, who is kind and generous, and Manyara, who is selfish and rude. When the two girls journey to meet the Great King, they are both rewarded according to their behavior.


Each Kindness

By Jacqueline Woodson, illustrated by E.B. Lewis

Chloe’s generosity and courage is challenged when a new girl, Maya, comes to school and is mocked for being different. This story is different in that it deals with the consequences of choosing to be unkind.

Happy Reading!
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