It’s a Small World: an accidental Facebook conversation


We just have to share this fun Facebook conversation we had with a Falmouth Library patron, March 23 & 24.  We hope you get a kick out of it! 


PATRON:  Can this book be ordered?  “Feeding Britain: our food problems and how to fix them” by Tim Lang.

FPL:  Hi.  That book comes out in August.  I put it on my order list.  If you give me your library card number, I can put a hold on it for you so you can be the first to check it out.

PATRON:  Thank you will do that’s so amazing thanks.

19 hours later

PATRON: (provides number) How will you contact me to let me know the book is available?

FPL:  Hi, I am working from home now and can’t get into our library card database, but that does not look like a CLAMS library card number that I am familiar with.  What library is that card from?

PATRON:  Ah yes, from Penryn Library … is that not connected to Falmouth?

FPL:  (I do a little research)  Is that Penryn, as in California?  I am in Massachusetts, on Cape Cod.

PATRON:  That is hilarious!  I am in Cornwall UK where Falmouth is right next to Penryn!  Have always wanted to visit Cape Cod!

FPL: That is funny.  We are sort of pen pals with Falmouth, England library.  I hope all is well in your area.

PATRON:  That’s cute!  We’re quite remote so feeling relieved we’re not in London/Manchester etc though people commute between here and there VBW for now.

PATRON:  How about Cape Cod?  Any people infected?

FPL:  There are a small number infected.  Summer people are starting to come to their second homes here, so the number may rise with the influx.  Falmouth has about 30,000 off season and over 100,000 during the summer months.

PATRON:  Same here.  Falmouth, Penryn & Mabe which is a cluster has a population of 33K.  Cornwall’s pop. Is 556K.  Cornwall normally gets 4.5 million visitors per year but in 2019 there were 5.4 million because of the heatwave.  It was crazy on some beaches. (She attached this news item from the BBC. )

FPL:  My goodness, that sounds very taxing on local residents.  I can see why though, those photos are quite beautiful. You are lucky to live is such a lovely place.

PATRON:  Haha you’ve got me googling and number crunching!  Have you ever thought of doing a library exchange?  The workers in Cornwall and Cape Cod swap jobs for a month or two? 

FPL:  Yes, we’ve bandied the idea about. We’d love to!  BTW, our library building was modeled after the one in Falmouth, Cornwall, I am told.

PATRON:  How funny is that?!!

FPL:  Quite.  All the best to you and yours in Penryn.  Be Well!

PATRON:  I’m going to tell my friends on social media about this convo.  So funny I thought you were in Falmouth UK but have enjoyed chatting!  Must return to my chores now.  Thanks and BW.  Wishing you good health and happiness.

FPL:  Thank you!

I hope you enjoyed the chat too!  It just goes to show that although we are thousands of miles apart from our namesake in Cornwall, our lives, our concerns, are pretty close.    BTW, can someone tell me what VBW means?

Faith Lee
Reference Librarian

Image credit:  BBC 

6 comments on “It’s a Small World: an accidental Facebook conversation

  1. Laura Ford says:

    VBW = Very Best Way?

  2. Faith Lee says:

    Very Best Way, hmmm, could be. Thanks for playing, decipher that text!

  3. Rebekah Walbert says:

    When patron said “thanks and BW” believe she meant “thanks and best wishes”

  4. Faith Lee says:

    I bet you’re right about that, Rebekah. So maybe VBW means Very Best Wishes! Thanks for playing decipher that text! It took all three of us.

    1. Martha says:

      Count me in for the library exchange!!

      1. Jill Erickson says:

        Will do! (Maybe by next year we will be able to travel again??)

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