Introducing … our new Website!

By now you have no doubt noticed that we are sporting a new look on our website.  Don’t worry – all the helpful information you have come to rely on, like our events calendar, this blog and lists of great books recommended by the staff are still here.  Things we have done differently are:  …  re-organized  pages to make what you want easier to find, ….  made our databases more visible, … added more pictures of the library … and lots of new information, such as library policies and more ways to contact us, so you can reach the department you need.  Be sure to check out the spiffy new Teen and Children’s pages.  A patron recently told us he didn’t see any information about our special collections when he came into the building.  We listened and made sure that there is now a webpage devoted to our special collections, which you can find under the “About” tab.

I’d also like to point out that our weekly newsletter that is delivered to your email also has a beautiful new format.  We have added pictures and limited the news to highlights only, so you won’t be bogged down by a long column of text.  The full events listing will still be published as is in the Friday Enterprise and on our events calendar online.  If you don’t already subscribe to our newsletter, look for the link on the homepage and sign up!  If you already subscribe, look for it in your inbox.

If you have been following along with library news these past nine months or so, then you have probably noticed that we have been actively asking for opinions from everyone about how we are doing and how we can improve.   We want to be sure everyone knows we are here for them and we can help in innumerable ways.   Need a good book to read?  We can recommend several.  Need information to solve an issue?  We’ll find it for you.  Want to learn a new skill or craft?  We have books that teach many things from making a terrarium to building a barn and, who knows, it might be one of the several programs we offer for free throughout the year.  In addition, we have meeting rooms for the community to gather for author talks, lectures and workshops, as well as display areas for artists to show their work.  We are a community hub.  We hope our new website reflects all this and that you find it attractive and easy to use.   Some pages are still under construction; so I hope you will excuse us if you come across one.  We are working hard to make it the best we can, as quickly as we can.   We hope you like it!



2 comments on “Introducing … our new Website!

  1. Katherine Scott says:

    Can’t find anything I am used to using . Why do peope/organizations constantly do this? Drive their patrons nuts? Changing stuff that wasn’t broke. Do these people need jobs? Waste of time and effort to end up with something more “intuitive” to maybe the website designer. I doni’t need any of the information listed above. I just want to use databases and order books to read. These basic functions seem to have disappeared. Can’t even see where to access my account.

    1. Kasia Piasecka says:

      Hello Katherine! We’re so sorry that you’re experiencing difficulty using our new website. We will be in touch with helpful information, but for now, you can access the CLAMS catalog by visiting for ordering books and here’s a direct link to our databases: Thank you for your patience!

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