Hoopla Music Review: The Freeze

Hoopla Music Review: The Freeze

Founded in 1978/1979, Cape Cod’s legendary band, The Freeze, were not only one of the first punk bands on Cape Cod, they are considered by many to be THE first ‘important’ punk band in Massachusetts. 

Aggressive, loud, political and playful, The Freeze’s forty-plus year specialty has been taking a subject that they are angry about, adding a heavy dose of biting satire and a pinch of paranoia, and turning it into a catchy punk rock scream-along.

A good example of this is their very first release, the incredibly caustic, ‘I Hate Tourists’ (1980). Talk about keeping it real! What Cape Cod resident hasn’t shared this sentiment while inching their way through 4th of July traffic? Another great example of their early sound is the world famous, ‘This Is Boston, Not L.A.’ (1982). This song was featured in an early TV commercial for Newbury Comics, and used as title track for the iconic Massachusetts punk rock/hardcore compilation of the same name.

And guess what? As a card-carrying CLAMS member, you have instant access to seven of The Freeze’s albums via Hoopla.com! Link: https://www.hoopladigital.com/artist/1152555756

To hear the band’s earlier output, check out the album ‘Token Bones’ (1997), a compilation that includes both ‘I Hate Tourists’ and ‘This Is Boston, Not L.A.’

For the more melodic punk rock/hard rock sound that the Freeze would later explore, I’d recommend One False Move (1999), which boasts cover art by fellow Cape Cod misanthrope, Edward Gorey!

Review by Josh, Falmouth Public Library staff member

2 comments on “Hoopla Music Review: The Freeze

  1. Great write up about a great band. But you forgot to mention. Their first new album in 20 years Calling All Creatures. It may be tough to find the physical album(mine was pressed in green vinyl) but you can get the digital download. The FreeZe once again got screwed by a record label, I wont mention who cause thats a slippery SLOPE, but if I know Clif Hanger, he will get a much better label to re-release it. It is classic Freeze in their croaking age glory! Thanks again for the spot on review!!

    1. Sue Henken says:

      We will pass that on to Josh, I am sure he will be thrilled to know that, if he doesn’t already!

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