Friday Reads: This Old Man: All in Pieces by Roger Angell

Whether you are a baseball fan or not, whether you are old or young, man or woman, you will discover an inspiring, funny and moving essay in this collection by nonagenarian Angell.  The only writer to have been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame and the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the former editor of the New Yorker magazine offers us a collection of essays, witticisms, cartoons, and poetry.

Reading this book is like sitting in a comfy chair listening to the voice of a favorite uncle recall memories of a life well lived.  Sprinkled with letters to and from famous and the not- so- famous, you never get the feeling that Angell wasn’t a really likeable, down-to-earth character.

In this treatise on getting older, Angell discusses aging with a touch of wistfulness, as well as the satisfactions and challenges, the feeling of being irrelevant, and sometimes ignored.

If you were a New Yorker magazine fan during Angell’s tenure at the magazine, you, like me, looked forward to his annual Christmas verse,” Greetings, Friends,” a paean to those who lived and died during that year.

Short on time? If you can only spend a few minutes browsing this book, stop at page 267 and read the signature piece, “This Old Man.”

This Old Man is shelved with the NEW books at 818.5 Angell.

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