Friday Reads: The Red Notebook

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Friday Reads: The Red Notebook by Antoine Laurain

What would the contents of your handbag reveal about you? Would your make-up kit reveal a woman who wears bright red lipstick or soft coral lip gloss? Do you carry a hand cleaner? A spritzer of perfume, your current read in book or e-book format? A notebook, a dry cleaner pick-up slip, earrings that you didn’t have time to put on, keys, business cards? If your cell phone and wallet were stolen, how would someone identify you?

This small book intrigued me. Laurent Letellier, a bookseller, finds a beautiful leather handbag on a dumpster and so begins a story about his search to find the owner of the purse. Within the bag is a small red notebook with notes about the fears, likes and dislikes of the owner. Those jottings convinced Laurent he wished to meet the woman who owned it.

In the story we meet Laurent’s daughter, his current girlfriend and a woman-chasing friend who cannot understand his fascination with a woman he never met.

“Laurain’s gentle, satirical humor remind this reviewer of Jacques Tati’s classic films, and, no, you don’t have to know French politics to enjoy this charming novel. Fans of Muriel Barbery’s  The Elegance of the Hedgehog will want this.”—Library Journal

Pick up this little gem, we have it on the Staff Picks shelf in both book and CD format.

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