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“Friday Reads” is a weekly blog written by reference librarian Faith Lee about great books, magazines, and the occasional reference work.    Topics may be new titles added to the library, selections from the Staff Picks shelf or about something she recently read.  Admittedly, there is a definite slant toward nonfiction, because, well, she’s a reference librarian and likes to learn new things.  Guest bloggers take a turn sometimes too.  No matter the source, good reads are featured here. 


This week, I’m highlighting a Staff Pick from a staff member who is also a free-lance writer on the side, so I figure she knows a well-written book when she reads one.  And, with full disclosure in mind, she is married into the MBL-WHOI* community of scientists in Woods Hole.  Our book this week is Ocean Echoes, a novel by Sheila Hurst.

Our staff member writes, “Sheila Hurst, local author and long-time WHOI employee describes the research world of oceanographers – with a fictional setting closely resembling Woods Hole, Ocean Echoes takes you on board a research vessel bound for distant seas.   Interesting plot developments tell the tale of an ocean that we all should be concerned about.”

From the back cover:  “Marine biologist Ellen Upton gives up on love to study jellyfish.  Her ultimate goal is to make a difference through her research, but the ocean would rather mystify than reveal its secrets.  When her funding is threatened, her future will depend on the success or failure of an upcoming research cruise.  During the cruise, she discovers what could be a new species.  Every discovery only leads to more questions.  She is driven to learn the truth behind its existence, even as the truth continues to change.  Either her dreams of recognition are within her grasp or her research is slipping into obsession. – Reverberating with mysteries of life and love, Ocean Echoes is a journey into the unknown.  A percentage from the sale of this book will go toward nonprofit organizations working to protect the world’s oceans for future generations.”

You can find this self-published book on the Staff Picks shelf, near the new self-checkout station.


*Marine Biological Laboratory – Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution




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