Friday Reads: The New York Times – Large Print Weekly

“Friday Reads” is a weekly blog written by reference librarian Faith Lee about great books, magazines, and the occasional reference work.    Blogs may be about new titles added to the library, selections from the Staff Picks shelf or about something she recently read.  Admittedly, there is a definite slant toward nonfiction, because, well, she’s a reference librarian and likes to learn new things.  Guest bloggers take a turn sometimes too.  No matter the source, good reads are featured here. 



Falmouth Public Library now carries The New York Times Large Print Weekly.

If you have been frustrated with the tiny print of the daily New York Times, or given it up altogether, then you will be relieved to learn there is a large print edition in 16-point type for easier reading.

The large print weekly comes out on Mondays and contains a “full range of content from the past week’s Times.”  It includes world and national news, business, science and health, the arts, sports, and editorials.

You can find the large print weekly next to the regular print edition in our reading room.

Did you know, we also carry the large print edition of The Reader’s Digest and back issues can be checked out.

If you have any suggestions for other large print newspapers or magazines, let a reference librarian know.  We’d love to hear from you.

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