Friday Reads: Making Lemonade Out of Lemons, Part Three!

Our third community book experiment is underway! First we put out Cape Cod Notebook: an alternative guidebook to the beaches of Cape Cod by Betsy Medvedovsky to get people to write about their favorite beach, then we added 50 Ways To Draw Your Beautiful Ordinary Life: practical lessons in pencil and paper by Irene Smit & Astrid Van Der Hulst to let people draw in one of our books. Book three of our summer program books event is 104 Things to Photograph! This book includes 104 prompts to inspire photographers. We have added a few photos of our own to get you started! Join us by checking out the book, taking a photo, printing it out, and adding it to our book which is our latest community art project.

We’re not sure where we first read about this photography book, but here is what the publisher says:

“Featuring prompts under each of 104 display slots, this guided photo album will help photographers reach new heights of creativity as they seek out subjects ranging from the everyday to the unusual. Shutterbugs will treasure this keepsake as an open invitation to see the world with fresh eyes as well as a fantastic place to capture the results.”

We hope that we get enough Falmouth photographers to check this out and add a photo that the book ends up in our Reference Local History collection!

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