Friday Reads:  London, A Literary Anthology

London, a Literary Anthology, selected by Richard Fairman

Beautiful illustrations, many from the British Library, bring you straight into the city. Short essays, descriptive poems bring London to life in thirteen delightful chapters. Many of the collected pieces are short, others several pages and each will bring a vivid image of the city.  You’ll find such great writers as Robert Louis Stevenson, Lord Byron, Anthony Trollope, and Oscar Wilde. More contemporary authors such as Zadie Smith and Peter Ackroyd are included.

In this handsome book you’ll learn about the seamy side, south of the River Thames and read an entry from Angela Carter’s Wise Children: Why is London like Budapest? A. Because it is two cities divided by a river.

Carter, on her 75th birthday, recalls the sights, smells and urban deprivation on the “wrong side” of the river.

Cross Westminster bridge and enter a world of wealth and privilege.  From Joanna Baillie’s essay: London:

It is a goodly sight through the clear air,

From Hampstead’s heathy height to see at once

England’s vast capital in fair expanse,

Towers , belfries, lengthen’d streets and structures fair.

If you are planning a trip “over the pond” to London, or perhaps just an armchair visit, be sure to pick up London, a Literary Anthology selected by Richard Fairman. You’ll find it on the NEW nonfiction shelf, Call # 808.8 LON

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