Friday Reads: Haunted Places: the National Directory

Just in time for the spooky season, we have just received Haunted Places the National Directory: ghostly abodes, sacred sites, UFO landings, and other supernatural locations by Dennis William. This revised and updated edition offers the “the most authoritative and documented study of supernatural phenomena in the United States. “ The Haunted Places directories have spawned serious paranormal research in all fifty states. They have inaugurated “the haunted travel industry!”

This intriguing guide is arranged alphabetically by state and then by town/city.  Each entry provides details of the haunting/ ghost/spirit as well as directions and contact information.  Boldface numbers at the end of each entry refer to the numbered list of resources in the Bibliography.

As the author cautions, remember many of the locations are private residences , so be sure to ask for permission to visit and never trespass!

Massachusetts boasts 44 entries with two in Falmouth!

The Village Green Inn, 40 W. Main St.

Built in 1804 this large house is haunted by the original owners, the Dimmick family. A teenage daughter Sarah died in the house in 1823, and her apparition, dressed in a white old-fashioned nightdress, is sometimes seen in one of the rooms. The specter of an older man wearing a flannel shirt has been identified as Dr. Tripp who owned the house after the Dimmicks moved out.

Wildflower Inn 167 Palmer Ave.

Built in 1898, recent renovations have spurred paranormal activity in this mansion. Workmen reported being tapped on the shoulder and on the hips, and their tools were in mysterious disarray when they arrived for work in the morning. The pool balls in the Billiards Room are rearranged every night by unseen hands, and an apparition of a young girl has been spotted in the Forget-Me-Not Room. The ghost has appeared several times at exactly 4:15 AM, and it is thought that is when the girl died in the room.

If the spirit moves you, check out this unique travel guide. Call # 133.1 HAU

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