Friday Reads: I am of Cape Cod


“Friday Reads” is a weekly blog written by reference librarian Faith Lee about great books, magazines, and the occasional reference work.   Blogs may be about new titles added to the library, selections from the Staff Picks shelf or about something she recently read.  Admittedly, there is a definite slant toward nonfiction, because, well, she’s a reference librarian and likes to learn new things.  Guest bloggers take a turn sometimes too.  No matter the source, good reads are featured here. 


I am of Cape Cod:  people and their stories, a new book by Chatham author John Whelan, seeks to portray a variety of people who call this beautiful peninsula home.  Beginning in Provincetown and working his way to the canal, Whelan highlights 139 people, from young to old, with different occupations and backgrounds.  Each person relates their connection to the Cape in a brief narrative and photographer Kim Roderiques expertly captures their character in thoughtful black and white photographs.  Bestselling author, Anne D. LeClaire (The Halo Effect and The Lavender Hour) wrote the introduction.

You can enjoy this book by flipping through and finding people that you recognize or you can read from start to finish and see the patterns that emerge as you travel from one end of the Cape to the other.   Henry David Thoreau is a common theme and beach photos abound.   Perhaps you’ll find a kindred spirit when you read someone’s testimony to this land.

We have two copies of this local hit.  While you wait for our circulating copy to work its way through the wait list, come to the reference room and peruse the reference copy.  While you’re at it, you can look at Succanessett Snapshot: the people and places that make Falmouth a community by Troy Clarkson or Legendary Locals of Falmouth by the Falmouth Historical Society.

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