Farewell to Kasia Piasecka

Today is a sad day for the reference department and for the patrons of the Falmouth Public Library, as we say farewell to our reference librarian, Kasia Piasecka. Kasia arrived in February 2015 and we were lucky to have her commute from Providence, Rhode Island as long as she did! (Happily she really enjoys podcasts, which helped when the bridge was backed up!) We are full of joy that she has found a position with the Providence Community Library, and wish her all the best in her new position.

For those of you that never make it down to the Reference Department, let me tell you a little bit about what Kasia has done during her time at FPL. One of her biggests efforts was to reconfigure and reinvigorate our Teen Room. She put a big emphasis on manga and graphic novels, rearranged all of the furniture (more than once!) and made an effort to welcome everyone into the room. Most recently Kasia has been scheduling all of our remarkable programs for both teens and adults. Those of you who know her best are probably those of you who have experienced her incredible patience and skill teaching you how to use e-books on whatever device you might own. To give you an idea of how much patrons appreciated Kasia’s help … she was once given a homemade pie after helping someone!

Kasia also expanded the horizons of the reference department itself, introducing us to new ways of communicating with our patrons, improving our graphics in general, and most of the time being the voice of our Facebook page. Whenever we got stuck with a web page issue, Kasia could almost always find a solution to the problem. She was one of our biggest contributors to our staff picks shelf, and you will still be able to find her picks there for some time to come.

Do stop by and say farewell to Kasia today. We will be celebrating her success, and lamenting our loss in the reference department all day with treats.

And should you know of a reference librarian who is looking for a great job in a great library, we’re looking for a Kasia replacement! (Although we are pretty sure she is not replaceable!)



2 comments on “Farewell to Kasia Piasecka

  1. Donna Skinner says:

    Kasia is so smart, helpful, and funny! I am going to miss her, she added so much to the Falmouth Public Library. For patrons, as well as staff. Best of luck Kasia!

  2. marilyn g zacks says:

    She, along with Jill and others was a delight to have in the reference dept. She caught the enthusiasm of the dept. and I hope there will be another dedicated member of

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