Catablogging@FPL: Dewey or Don’t we?  We do!

The Dewey Decimal Classification system is a tool the Library uses to organize the materials in our collection.  Conceived by Melvil Dewey in 1873, “Dewey” is the most widely used method for classifying materials in public libraries.  While many patrons are familiar with Dewey and are comfortable moving in and out of the stacks through the various sections, Dewey is sometimes known to cause some to hesitate at first introduction.  However, the library staff is always happy to guide patrons through the sections of the nonfiction collection, even if only to point out the Dewey schedule on the columns on either end of the building.  We actually enjoy sharing the wonders of Dewey!  In fact, one librarian, Scooter Hayes, even created a musical video as “Melvil Dewey International Library Hip Hop Superstar” in an effort to make learning Dewey fun for young people!  Check out Scooter’s video here!

While the FPL catalogers are not inclined to create any musical videos, we thought it might be interesting to highlight new titles in the collection each month by featuring examples from each of the ten main sections of Dewey.  So here’s a list of the sections to come starting this month:

000 Computer science, information & general works

100 Philosophy & psychology

200 Religion

300 Social sciences

400 Language

500 Science

600 Technology

700 Arts & recreation

800 Literature

900 History & geography

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