Have you often listened to the radio while driving & heard a discussion about a book that sounded intriguing, one you would be very interested in reading? Or have you watched TV and become fascinated with an author and want to read her/his books? Are you frustrated when you get to the library and you can’t remember either the title or author? It’s time to introduce you to one of the many features of BookLetters, a free reader’s service available from the Falmouth Public Library.

BookLetters features Books on the Air: As Seen on Television and As Heard on the Radio.

Books on the Air

As Seen on Television:

Includes: CBS Sunday Morning; Morning Joe; CBS This Morning; The Colbert Report; Good Morning America; The Today Show; The View; Ellen; Daily Show; PBS News Hour; MSNBC’s the Cycle; The Talk; Carson Daily; Dr.Oz and 20/20.

As Heard on the Radio:

Includes: NPR’s Book Review; All Things Considered; Weekend Edition; NPR’s You Must Read This; Monday –Friday Book News; Morning Edition; Tell Me More; On Point; NPR Exclusive First Read; and Science Friday.

To access BookLetters, visit our homepage

On the far right in the dark blue banner is a tab for a drop-down menu, “For Readers.” Scroll down to BookLetters. Under the caption For Adults, you’ll find the link “See what titles are being discussed on Radio and TV.” Click on the link.

Books on the Air is updated every Friday.

BookLetters has much more to offer!

BookLetters are annotated lists of new or noteworthy books covering a variety of subjects and genres. You can sign up for their newsletters and receive e-mail notification when new books of interest to you arrive.

The newsletter choices include

Book Sizzle

Books on the Air


Fiction Best Sellers


Nonfiction Best Sellers

Children’s Chapter Books

Children’s Picture Books

Past and Present



New Fiction

New Nonfiction

Science and Nature

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Teen Scene


Sign up for as many as you would like. They are all FREE!

Are you an audiobook fan? You can also read reviews of audiobooks through BookLetters.

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