Art is a Creative Thinking -Closing Reception

Thursday afternoon, December 16, over 40 parents, grandparents and grand friends attended the closing reception of the art exhibit in the Teen Room. Many of the artists were delighted to be photographed with their work.

The exhibit, Art is a Creative Thinking, was organized by Rebecca Noack, chairman of the Lawrence School & Mullen –Hall Art Departments.  Noack feels the” importance of creative thinking cannot be overemphasized. Art is a core subject and mastery of core subjects is essential for students in the 21st century. Students in the Falmouth Public Schools develop the ability to think of original ideas, create something new, and reflect & refine those ideas. With growth in knowledge and techniques of the visual arts, students can express ideas that cannot be expressed through language alone.”

Students from all the Falmouth schools were represented in variety of media. Some designed masks, others used wood block prints in their work, several first graders made use of a mix of materials. The digital photographs shot by FHS students were stunning in the juxtaposition of images. Falmouth High students of Stephanie York’s ceramics class, made some fantastical jugs, smooth marine life bowls in black glaze & a very welcoming pineapple covered jar. Also included are several the portraits of World War II veterans!

The artists were delighted to take home a collectible foreign coin or two. The carefully mounted coins were donated by John Brabson. The Brabson Library and Educational Foundation contributed $50,000 for the Teen Room.

The exhibit will be on display until January 5, 2011. Take a quiet moment during this hectic season to view and appreciate the work of these talented kids. Look for the exhibit in the Teen Room.

To view photos of the artists, click here to visit our flickr page.

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