Adrie’s Last Day at Falmouth Public Library

December 26, 2014

Today we say a fond farewell to our colleague and friend Adrienne Latimer.  We will all miss her hard work, attentive personality, and especially her very fun and contagious laugh.

Many hundreds of programs have been organized and introduced by Adrie. Could there be a Death and Dessert program without her and that truly delightful cake with the blood-dripping knife?  Many authors from the Cape and beyond were welcomed by her warm introductions. Surely their book sales increased!

How many patrons were able to find a job under her resume tutelage? Her Wednesday Workshops on resume writing and cover letters were very popular.

Have you ever picked up a brochure at the library on” How to Use the Databases”, “Mango”, or “Auto Repair Reference Center”?  Those are just a few of her handouts that Adrie designed and printed.

Aspiring writers were encouraged and assisted with computer guidance and page formatting by her.

Every year she ordered, displayed and refilled the scores of Federal and State tax forms requested by our patrons.

The Cancer Center collection of brochures and pamphlets has been maintained by Adrie. They have proved to be very helpful and comforting to cancer patients and their families

Several subject collections are ordered by Adrienne, she reviews the library literature, chooses the best titles for our patrons, and assures they are labeled and shelved correctly.

The staff here at FPL, especially the Reference Department, wish her a long and happy retirement. She will be sorely missed.

Although her shoe size is a petite 6, her shoes will be very hard to fill.

Adieu, Adrienne!

4 comments on “Adrie’s Last Day at Falmouth Public Library

  1. Faith Lee says:

    It has been great working with Adrie these past four years!  With her breadth of knowledge, expert reference skills and willingness to share, I became a better librarian.  Have a long and fulfilling retirement, Adrie!

  2. Laura Ford says:

    Adrienne helped me hone my reference skills at the beginning of my career at FPL. Even though I left the Reference Room for the Children’s Dept. a while ago, I will miss the sound of her laugh as I walk up the stairs. I’ll echo Faith: Long and fulfilling retirement Adrie, don’t forget to come visit!

  3. Jill says:

    Thanks Alan for your kind comment. We are delighted to know that we inspired another librarian!


  4. Alan says:

    Happy Retirement! I just want to say that you, (and Jill and Kathy) are my role models and a big part of the reason that I am applying to the U. of Alabama to pursue my MLIS. Although it was many years ago, thanks for all your help.

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