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Lung Cancer Web Resources

Lung Cancer Overview

Everything YOU need to know about Lung Cancer
    Small Cell Lung Cancer
    Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Information available in many languages from MedlinePlus.gov

American Lung Association Overview
    En Espanol

Cancer Dictionaries

Simplified Dictionary of Cancer Terms
More Technical Cancer Dictionary

Dictionary of Cancer Drugs (cancer.gov)
Drug Guide from the American Cancer Society


Common Lung Cancer Risk Factors

Overview of Lung Cancer Screening (National Cancer Institute)
Overview of Lung Cancer Screening (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)

Screening and Early Detection from LungCancer101


Treatment Overview (National Cancer Institute)
    Surgery Overview
    Radiation Therapy Overview
    Chemotherapy Overview
    Targeted Therapy Overview

Treatment specific to Small Cell Lung Cancer

Treatment specific to Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Follow-Up Care

Alternative Treatment
Complementary and Alternative Lung Cancer Treatment (National Cancer Institute)
Alternative Lung Cancer Therapies (Mayoclinic.com)

Nutrition Tips for Cancer Patients


Caregiver Information from CancerCaregiver.com
Pointers for Lung Cancer Caregivers (LungCancerOnline.com)

Article: Emotional Highs and Lows Similar for Cancer Patients, Caregivers

Support Groups

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
    En Espanol
American Cancer Society Cancer Survivor's Network

Cancer Support Groups on the Cape
    Monthly Calendar of Cape Cod Support Groups

Support For Teens

Sources of Support from the National Cancer Institute
The Lung Cancer Alliance
Support Groups from LungCancer.org

Article: How to find local support groups

Clinical Trials

Taking Part in Cancer Research
How Clinical Trials Work
    En Espanol
Clinical Trial Tutorial

Everything YOU Need to know to join a Clinical Trial

Search for Trials

Results of Recent Clinical Trials in Lung Cancer
    Carcinoma, Bronchogenic
    Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
    Small Cell Lung Cancer
    Lung Neoplasms

New Research

Inhalable Dry Powder works as non-invasive Chemotherapy Drug

Lung Cancer Research Foundation Home Page

Senior Sites

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Lung Cancer Overview and Diagnosis and Treatment Information as well as Frequently Asked Questions

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