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The Bulger Backstory: Summer Reading List 2013

BETRAYAL: Whitey Bulger and the FBI agent who fought to bring him down.
Robert Fitzpatrick. 2012. 363.25 FIT

Robert Fitzpatrick overcame his slum origins to become a stellar FBI agent. Relentless in his effort to catch, prosecute, and convict Whitey Bulger, he faced not only Whitey but also corrupt FBI agents, and political cronies who blocked his efforts at every step.

BLACK MASS: the true story of an unholy alliance between the Irish mob and the FBI, and a devil’s deal.
Dick Lehr & Gerard O’Neill. 2001. 364.106 LEH

Explores the relationship between FBI agent John Connolly and Irish mob boss James "Whitey" Bulger, chronicling a corrupt arrangement of information, racketeering, and murder.

THE BOSTON MOB GUIDE: Hitmen, hoodlums & hideouts.
Beverly Ford & Stephanie Schorow. 2011. 364.106 FOR

Boston journalists Ford and Schorow reveal Boston’s criminal underworld has a long and bloody rap sheet that stretches back to the beginning of the twentieth century.

THE BROTHERS BULGER : How they terrorized and corrupted Boston for a quarter century.
Howie Carr. 2006. 929.2 Bulger

Traces Whitey Bulger's position on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list & Billy Bulger's expulsion from state senate & University of Massachusetts.

BRUTAL: the untold story of my life inside Whitey Bulger’s Irish Mob.
K. Weeks & P. Karas. 2006. 923.41 Weeks

Former deputy, partner & trusted confidante of James J. "Whitey" Bulger describes over twenty years at the side of the notorious fugitive & underworld boss. Inside details of violence, crimes, intrigues & murders of Bulger's crime empire.

HITMAN: the untold story of Johnny Martorano, Whitey Bulger’s enforcer and the most feared gangster in the underworld.
Howie Carr. 2011. 364.1523 CAR

The life of Johnny Martorano & the role he played in Boston's organized crime world. The exploits of Martorano, his partner Whitey Bulger & the Winter Hill Gang, as well as corrupt politicians & G-Men involved.

MOST WANTED Pursuing Whitey Bulger, the murderous mob chief the FBI secretly protected.
Thomas J. Foley. 2012. 364.106 FOL

Traces the nearly 20 year manhunt, citing the ways in which the investigation was impeded by corrupt FBI agents who protected Bulger in exchange for informant services.

RAT BASTARDS : the life and times of South Boston’s most honorable Irish mobster.
John “Red” Shea. 2006. 923.41 Shea

The man who has remained silent for more than a decade finally speaks, revealing the gritty true story of his life inside the infamous South Boston Irish mob led by elusive, Machiavellian kingpin Whitey Bulger.

RIFLEMAN: The untold story of Stevie Flemmi, Whitey Bulger’s partner.
Howie Carr. 2013. 364.1523 CAR

One of Boston’s most feared gangsters in for 40 years & partner of Whitey Bulger for much of the time. Convicted of 10 murders, he took the 5th Amendment when asked about 10 others. After pleading guilty in 2003, he confessed his life of crime.

WHILE THE MUSIC LASTS: My life in politics. William M. Bulger. 1996. 923.2744 Bulger

Memoir of public figure “Billy” Bulger. He describes growing up poor, struggling for an education, plunging into electoral politics. He illustrates the fine points of power-brokering in the Massachusetts legislature.

Dick Lehr & Gerald O’Neill. 2013. 923.41 Bulger

Biography of brutal, sadistic crime boss Whitey Bulger, who brought the FBI to its knees, a psychopath fostering a following with a frightening mix of fear, intimidation & deft touch of a politician who might help a family in need meet their monthly rent.

WHITEY BULGER: America’s most wanted gangster and the manhunt that brought him to justice.
Kevin Cullen & Shelley Murphy. 2013. 923.41 Bulger

This sweeping biography covering Whitey’s 16 years on the lam and his capture in 2011, is an excellent prelude to Bulger's upcoming trial. The scandalous story of the Irish American Winter Hill gang leader is familiar to many.