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Our book club has a new name, "Books on the Half Shell"!

Our theme this time around ~ Books covers featuring a woman's neck

April - September, 2016

April 20 & 21 Serena by Ron Rash. "Traveling to the mountains of 1929 North Carolina to forge a timber business with her new husband, Serena Pemberton champions her mastery of harsh natural and working conditions but turns murderous when she learns she cannot bear children."

May 18 & 19 The Daring Ladies of Lowell by Kate Alcott. “'Moving to the mill city of Lowell in 1832 to escape farm life, young Alice is disillusioned by the local factory's harsh working conditions and struggles to advocate on their behalf while recklessly falling in love with the mill owner's son."

June 15 & 16 Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok. “Emigrating with her mother from Hong Kong to Brooklyn, Kimberly Chang begins a secret double life as an exceptional schoolgirl during the day and sweatshop worker at night, an existence also marked by her first crush and the pressure to save her family from poverty."

July 20 & 21 Finding Casey by Jo-Ann Mapson. “Preparing for the birth of an unexpected baby, forty-one-year-old Santa Fe newlywed Glory Vigil spends time with her adopted college-age daughter, Juniper, who has fallen in love and who is haunted by memories of a sister who disappeared years earlier.”

August 17 & 18 Russian Winter by Daphne Kalotay. "Former Bolshoi ballerina Nina Revskaya auctions off her jewelry collection and becomes overwhelmed by memories of her homeland, the friends she left behind amidst Stalinist aggression, and the dark secret that brought her to a new life in Boston.”

September 21 & 22 The Doctor's Daughter by Hilma Wolitzer. "One morning, Alice Brill awakes with a sudden awareness that something is wrong. There's a hollowness in her chest, and a sensation of dread that she can't identify or shake. Was it something she's done, or forgotten to do? As she scours her mind for the source of her unease, she confronts an array of disturbing possibilities."

When: The third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. and the following Thursday at 10:00 a.m.

Where:Falmouth Public Library, 300 Main St, Falmouth. RSVP            508-457-2555       ext. 6

Goal: To leave the discussion feeling that you understand the book better than when you arrived.

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