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Cape Cod Mysteries

Evan J. Albright
Cape Cod Confidential: true tales of murder, crime, and scandal from the Pilgrims to the present. Foreword by Paul Kemprecos. Nonfiction: 364.1523 ALB

Peter Abrahams
Revolution #9
Lobsterman Charlie Ochs is hiding out on Cape Cod, keeping his real identity a secret. Ochs is really radical Blake Wrightman, wanted since the 1960s for a deadly campus bombing. When government agents pay Charlie a visit on his wedding night, his cover is blown, and he must track down his co-conspirators in the bombing or he will end up doing time himself.

Stephen Anable
The Fisher Boy.
Boston comic Mark Winslow arrives with his troupe of improv actors ready to break into the Provincetown club scene. Mark becomes the prime suspect in the grisly butchering of a Boston blueblood, and he must find the killer or be charged with the crime.

Margot Arnold
The Cape Cod Caper
The discovery of a mutilated corpse in a cranberry bog and a frantic letter from an old friend send archaeologist Penny Spring and sidekick Sir Toby Glendower on the trail of a Cape Cod murderer.

Larry Bernhardt
The New England Connection.
Hal, Bill and Colleen Murphy are all involved in law enforcement on Cape Cod, as is their father. When they realize that they are working on related cases, they join forces to solve the crime.

Al Blanchard
Murder on Cape Cod: a novel.
The last thing on Steve Asher’s mind is murder when on a visit to his old college friend on Cape Cod for Columbus Day weekend. But he gets involved in a local mystery that will keep readers on edge.

Rick Boyer
Billingsgate Shoal
Oral surgeon "Doc" Charlie Adams tries to ward off a midlife crisis by spending a month at his cottage in Eastham. When a young friend of the family drowns under suspicious circumstances, Doc investigates and gets tangled up with an arms smuggling ring. Other books in the Doc Adams series: The Daisy Ducks: a Doc Adams suspense novel; Gone to Earth; The Man Who Whispered; The Penny Ferry.

Carol Higgins Clark
Wrecked: a Regan Reilly Mystery.
When Regan Reilly and her husband Jack join his siblings at his parents' vacation home on Cape Cod, it turns out to be anything but a relaxing time.

Mary Higgins Clark
Just Take My Heart.
Emily, one of three friends inseparable since childhood, becomes a pawn in a plan to save one life at the expense of another.

The Lottery Winner: Alvirah and Willy Stories
In this book of related short stories, the queen of suspense chronicles the crime solving adventures of lottery winner Alvirah Meehan, a former cleaning lady, and her plumber husband, Willy. In Death on the Cape the pair helps to vindicate a would-be heiress who has been framed for murder. The perfect beach read! Other Clark titles with Cape Cod settings, Where are the Children? and Remember Me.

Where Are the Children?
Nancy Eldredge, was tried six years earlier for the murder of her two children and found not guilty. Back on the Cape, she faces a new ordeal when the two children of her second marriage disappear and the police are determined to nail her this time.

Rose Connors
Absolute Certainty.
Martha "Marty" Nickerson is Barnstable County Assistant D.A. When a local college student is brutally murdered, the case against the defendant is solid and the verdict is guilty. Then, with the convict behind bars, another body turns up in similar circumstances. Did they convict the wrong man?

False Testimony.
Charles Kendrick, Massachusetts U.S. Senator addressed a crowd at Cape Cod Community College. The TV news showed his assistant Michelle responding to local reporters following the event. She extended the Senator's sincere thanks to all, and left the auditorium. Then she vanished.

Maximum Security.
Cape Cod defense attorney Marty Nickerson is asked by her law partner and lover, Harry Madigan, to represent his former girlfriend.

Temporary Sanity.
Is homicidal insanity ever a moral or legal justification for murder? What should a jury do when the facts are clear but don't tell the real story? Marty Nickerson, a former Massachusetts prosecutor, asks herself those questions in her new role as a Cape Cod defense attorney.

Philip R. Craig
Death on a Vineyard Beach.
Newlyweds Zee and Jeff Jackson get involved in murder, mayhem, and the Mob as they start life together on Martha's Vineyard. Others in the series, A Beautiful Place to Die, A Case of Vineyard Poison.

Patricia Driscoll
Shedding Light on Murder.
Grace Tolliver, ex-probation officer, purchases Pearl's, a rundown antique lamp shop in Barnstable Village on Cape Cod. She hasn't a clue that she'll soon be investigating the murder of a prominent local citizen who has been clobbered over the head with a heavy bronze lamp.

Patry Francis
The Orphans of Race Point.
An unsolved murder consumes three lives over the course of several decades.

Sally Gunning
Deep Water
Small town island life featuring Jack of all trades/ detective Peter Bartholomew. On Pete's first vacation in twenty years, he sets out to catch mackerel but ends up with a dead lobster thief instead. Others in the series, Hot Water, Ice Water, Troubled Water, etc.

F. Edward Jersey
Paines Creek Mystery.
Longtime friends Tom and Sam embark on a Saturday of fishing on the Cape. They venture out to a new location for which they are unprepared. Days later, using technology and leads from some unlikely sources, authorities eventually rescue them under dangerous circumstances.

Paul Kemprecos
Bluefin blues.
Needing some cash to repair his boat, Cape fisherman, diver and sometime private eye Soc Socarides takes on the murder of a fisherman found in a stolen boat with a harpoon in his chest.

Cool Blue Tomb.
An expert diver at the bottom of the sea. An elegant "mermaid" in a black Porsche. Cape cod's Aristotle "Soc" Socarides, diver and detective, is "swimming with the sharks."

Death in Deep Water.
Retired private investigator "Soc" Socarides is called by owners of a marine park to prove a suspect is innocent of murder. The suspect is the park's main attraction -- Rocky, the killer whale.

Grey Lady.
Fisherman, diver and private eye "Soc" Socarides hopes his new boat will launch a charter fishing venture. But a remark offensive to a Russian passenger "launches" him overboard. Climbing ashore on Nantucket, he discovers more than he bargained for.

Neptune's Eye.
Part-time fisherman, part-time private eye "Soc" Socarides investigates a death in the seal pool of the Woods Hole Aquarium. Other Soc Socarides mysteries, The Mayflower Murder, Bluefin Blues.

Tracy Kiely
Murder at Longbourn : a mystery.
Joining her Aunt Winnie for a How to Host a Murder Party on New Year's Eve at Winnie's new Cape Cod B & B, Elizabeth Parker unearths old secrets and new motives in order to clear her aunt of suspicion when the local wealthy miser ends up the unscripted victim.

Douglas Kiker
Murder on Clam Pond.
An unemployed 50-year-old reporter lives on Cape Cod with his ex-wife's aging poodle. The dog finds the body of the town's richest resident, who has left $50 million for historic preservation.

Holly Le Craw
The Swimming Pool.
Some years ago, summering on the Cape, Marcella fell in love with Cecil, married father of two. But, on the same night that their romance abruptly ended, Cecil's wife was found murdered--changing their lives forever.

Marie Lee
Curious Cape Cod Skull.
Retired science teacher Marguerite Smith discovers a body in her storage shed on the same day that her nephew, and his two young sons arrive for a visit. The deceased is identified as archeology professor Peter Dafoe, who was working at a dig on the island.

Fatal Cape Cod Funeral.
Retired teacher Marguerite Smith visited the local Native American burial ground, but didn't expect to find a funeral in progress. And the mourners were shocked to find a second dead body lying in the freshly dug grave. The unexpected corpse was a member of the local Mashpee Wampanoag tribe who had gone to the city and made good.

Mysterious Cape Cod Manuscript.
Retired science teacher and amateur sleuth Marguerite Smith is vacationing in Florida when she finds out her ex-husband has been murdered and she is the prime suspect. Others in the series, The Curious Cape Cod Skull, The Fatal Cape Cod Funeral.

Edward Lodi
Moonlight Harvest: Haunted Cranberry Bogs of Cape Cod and Plymouth County.
Short story collection including: Bogman's Tale; Old House by the Bog; King Philip's Ghost; Moonlight Harvest; Murder on the Bogs, Flume Child.

Jon Loomis
Fire Season
Frank Coffin is doing double duty as both detective and police chief. The autumn off-season is is off to a busy start with 3 fires and a severed head in a lobster tank.

High Season.
Frank Coffin, a burned-out Baltimore homicide cop, returns home to resort the town of Provincetown, on Cape Cod. The headaches start with the murder of a vacationing, dress-wearing TV evangelist.

Mating Season.
Detective Frank Coffin finds that the murder scene on Cape Cod is quirky, and just as brutal as Baltimore. His latest case is the murder of a beautiful and popular heiress.

David Manuel
A Matter of Diamonds: a Faith Abbey mystery.
The body of a woman had washed ashore, and there was evidence that she had been tortured before drowning. The Chief was about to go down to the morgue, and he wanted lifelong friend and a collaborator Brother Bartholomew to accompany him.

A Matter of Roses: a Faith Abbey Mystery.
A storm washes the remains of a newcomer onto the beach in the harbor village of Eastport, near Cape Cod; then a beloved scientist dies from bee stings. Foul play is suspected and Police Chief Dan Burke calls in his childhood friend, Brother Bartholomew of Faith Abbey, to help.

Gordon Mathieson
The Hyannis House.
The family of a U.S. senator faces murder accusations as tangled investigations range from Boston to Cape Cod.

Mystery about a suspicious accidental drowning that takes place in a small historic village near Woods Hole on Cape Cod.

Frances McNamara
Death at Woods Hole.
Emily Cabot is looking forward to a restful summer visit to Cape Cod. She plans to collect "beasties" for the Marine Biological Laboratory, alongside other visiting scientists. But her summer takes a dramatic turn when she finds a dead man floating in a fish tank.

Randall S. Peffer
Killing Neptune’s Daughter.
Tina had been trying to escape her past. Relocated in New York with a change of name and married to a rock star, it seems she had outrun her demons. But when Tina's body is found with a marlin spike through her heart, it seems they may have finally caught up with her.

Listen to the Dead : a Cape Islands Mystery.
While tending to his lighthouse duties, Harbormaster Corby Church finds bones of a human body on Bird Island off Cape Cod. He thinks they may be remains of the original lighthouse keeper's wife.

Screams & Whispers : a Cape Islands Novel.
Cape Cod public defender (& commercial fisherman) Michael Decastro goes to Saigon with his father, a Vietnam War vet, to help out long-lost client and love-interest Tuki Aparecio. She is in a fight for her life with a mysterious dragon lady from Indochina's underworld.

Tom Salvador
The Ring Master: a murder mystery, a love story.
The book depicts a murder of passion on Cape Cod. Although the mystery of the murder looms in the background, the story is about relationships. The protagonist, Veronica is strong, unyielding, but vulnerable.

Heidi Jon Schmidt
The Harbormaster's Daughter.
Young Vita Gray discovers shocking details of her mother's murder many years ago, and seeks information from the Portuguese Fishing Community in Provincetown's Oyster Creek.

Phoebe Atwood Taylor
Asey Mayo Trio.
Harkening back to a simpler time on Cape Cod, these vintage Phoebe Atwood Taylor mysteries feature Yankee handyman Asey Mayo, also known as the Codfish Sherlock, and an assortment of colorful Cape Cod characters.

The Annulet of Gilt: an Asey Mayo Mystery.
Asey, what is an annulet?" This innocent query would soon lead to some not-so-innocent questions. Asey would be tricked several times over, decoyed, robbed, and baffled by an elephant.

The Cape Cod Mystery.
A best-selling author turns up dead. Asey Mayo’s best friend becomes the chief suspect, and Asey knows he has to do something. The only clue is a sardine can. And only one weekend to clear it all up.

Going, Going, Gone.
An auction that begins as a treasure hunt, ends in murder. Were there secrets between the rival art dealers, Miss Pitkin and Mr. Harmsworth? And where does Quin Sharp, the auctioneer, fit in?

Punch with Care : an Asey Mayo Mystery.
When Asey Mayo happens upon the body of writer Carolyn Barton Boone in an antique railroad car, a punched ticket in her hand, things get interesting. But then the corpse disappears!

Marcel Theroux
The Confessions of Mycroft Holmes: a Paper Chase.
A journalist is shocked to learn that he has inherited his uncle's island cottage off the Cape Cod coast. On visiting the property he discovers a fragment of an unpublished novel, The Confessions of Mycroft Holmes (older brother of Sherlock). A sinister tale of murder and deception.

David L. Ulin, editor
Cape Cod Noir. Akashic Noir Series.
Youthful alienation and despair dominate the 13 stories in Akashic's noir volume devoted to Cape Cod. It will satisfy those with a hankering for a taste of the dark side.

Carol Verburg
Croaked : an Edgar Rowdey Cape Cod Mystery.
Cape Cod! To Lydia Vivaldi, it looks like a sanctuary---until she learns her one friend in Quansett is dead. Only Edgar Rowdey, famous author of creepy little books shares Lydia's doubts about the death being an accident.

Lea Wait
Shadows on a Cape Cod Wedding : an Antique Print Mystery
October on Cape Cod is always beautiful, and antique print dealer Maggie Summer is happy to visit there to help with her best friend's wedding preparations. Maggie doesn't anticipate the murder of a neighbor, nor being called into service as a counselor and interpreter.

Ric Wasley
The Scrimshaw.
In 1858, the ship Elizabeth James enters Nantucket harbor, but the ship's dying captain has sworn the cargo (of pure evil) must never unloaded in the town of his birth. In 1968, Mick and Bridget ride a roaring motorcycle over the Bourne Bridge. They're heading for a relaxing vacation at a quaint Cape Cod inn. But, they don't know that they are riding right into the middle of trouble that's been brewing 110 years.


Kim Harrington
Sixteen-year-old Clare, member of a family of psychics, helps a skeptical detective solve a murder case on Cape Cod during the height of the tourist season--with her brother as prime suspect!

Perception: a Clarity Novel.
Cape Cod high school junior and psychic Clare is puzzled by a secret admirer, even as she tries to solve the mystery of a classmate who has suddenly disappeared.

Ted Murphy
The Secrets of Belltown. (Belltown mystery: no. 1)
High school sophomore Orville Jacques just wants to get through the summer, but then he discovers who is behind the brutal murder of neighbor in his town on Cape Cod.

The Secrets of Cranberry Beach. (Belltown mystery: no. 2)
Teen detective Orville Jacques confronts dangerous killers while trying to solve several crimes that have stymied investigators in his Cape Cod town for forty years.

The Secrets of Code Z. (Belltown mystery: case no. 5)
Teen detective Orville Jacques finds a skeleton bobbing in the ocean and becomes entangled in a strange and frightening mystery.

The Secrets of the Twisted Cross. (Belltown mystery: case no. 6)
Sixteen-year-old sleuth Orville Jacques investigates what he thinks is a simple case of Cape Cod teenagers committing hate crimes, but it turns out to be much more sinister.

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