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Book Lists from the Staff

Cape Cod Mysteries
Whodunits set on the Cape among the cranberry vines and beaches.

Cape Cod in Fiction and Poetry
More Cape experiences encapsulated in poetry and prose.

Death and Dessert
A regular programming series, Death and Dessert brings local authors to the library to talk about their books. This list brings together the titles from past events.

The Ethics of Cloning
Try these fictional accounts of clones and cloning to open up avenues of discussion, then try a non-fictional title (under Further Reading) to read what experts have to say.

Jodi Picoult Readalikes
Picoult's characters have been described as ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, and her books fly off our shelves! If you like the way she writes, try one of these other authors.

Memories of a Not-So-Perfect Childhood
No white picket fence, no home-baked cookies, no help with homework from Mom and Dad. Try any of these memoirs about growing up in a dysfunctional family.

Romantic Comedy
Like your romance with a little bit of spice and a lot of laughs? Spend some time with these authors.

Staff Picks
Ever wonder what the library staff read when they're at home? Check out the Staff Picks cart in the upper lobby to see! (Look for the books with the orange bookmarks.) This collection is so popular that we've gathered the titles here for your perusal.

Voices of Ireland
Stories set in Ireland.