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So I was recently talking about The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury on the radio, and then someone came in looking for a picture of something or other for their tattoo, and then one of the daughter’s of one of our staff members got a tattoo. What I noticed from all of this tattoo conversation was that our tattoo books were woefully out of date. No longer! On the cart of new books sitting by the Reference Desk at the moment (but about to go out on the NEW shelf) are a number of brand new tattoo books. They include The Tattoo Encyclopedia: a guide to choosing your tattoo by Terisa Green with illustrations by Greg James, Great Book of Tattoo Designs: more than 500 body art designs by Lora S. Irish, and my favorite Body Type: intimate messages etched in flesh by Ina Saltz. The last title has a whole chapter on literature, poetry, and lyrics ... that have been tattooed onto people! The words of Dante, Shakespeare, Whitman, and Vonnegut have all inspired people to add the words in tattoo form. Just astonishing! 

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