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Are you searching for a new job? Do you need to update your resume, or completely rewrite it?  Whatever you do, don’t get hooked by one of those “dot-com” resume sites!  (Remember the “com” means commercial – for profit.) Here at the Falmouth Public Library we have FREE resources for job hunters and resume writers.

If your resume just needs updating, Microsoft Word, which is installed on all our computers, offers a wide variety of templates.  Open Word, click on New, and scroll down to Resumes.  Once you choose a format you like, download it to your work screen.  As you click to highlight each element, you can simply type your information over the highlighted area. 

If you have never created a resume, or if you need to create a new one, try the Win-Way program which is available on all our public computers.  No matter what your occupation or profession, this program can help you produce a dynamic summary of your accomplishments.  Choose an occupation, and the program allows to you add some relevant details.  You will then be presented a list of job related duties and activities which you can tailor to your own experience, or delete if not relevant.  The program offers several formats for saving resumes— .rsm (their program, which you can open on our computers), .doc (Windows) and even .pdf!  Participants may save their work to a flash-drive or as attachments to their email.  (Flash Drives, available at Staples, Walmart, and even CVS, have replaced the “floppy disk” for portable information storage.)

The WinWay program even helps with composing the Cover Letter.  In addition, there is a sample interview video, which includes graceful answers to illegal questions that some employers ask!  The program also has a video outlining the job search process:  whys and wherefores of resumes, the interview process and even salary negotiation. 

When you are ready to start job searching, we can also provide handouts with websites that give online local and national job listings.  If an email address is required to complete your job application, the Reference Librarians can provide one-on-one assistance in setting up an e-mail account.  Just a reminder, all this is FREE! 

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