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February 2012

The Dad’s Issue of the ecrc@FPL’s Newsletter is Here!

The winter edition of the ecrc@FPL’s newsletter is available right here

In this edition we focus on Dads.  So check out the books we have on fatherhood, or discover the favorite children’s books of local “guy” librarians from all over the Cape, including FPL’s Peter Cook.

Discover FPL’s list of…

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Letters & Journals on The Point with Mindy Todd

Today’s show featured published letters and journals. If you missed the show you can always listen tonight at 7:30 p.m. on WCAI or try the podcast on WCAI’s web page at www.capeandislands.org.

Emily Post wrote in her Etiquette book in 1922: “The art of general letter-writing in the present day is shrinking until the letter threatens…

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New volunteer helping patrons with e-readers

One of our patrons, who attended the recent e-reader classes here at the library, has started teaching other patrons how to download e-books.  She is volunteering at the Falmouth Library Tuesdays from 1 to 2 PM and Thursdays from 10 to 12 noon.  You can call Peter Cook, Information Systems, at 508-457-2555 x2941 to sign up for an appointment.

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George Washington’s Birthday, February 22

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732.

When the first president left office he prepared a farewell address which is read annually
by a member of the United States Senate, a tradition begun in 1862, 130 years after his birth.

Washington’s Farewell Address


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Our Very Own Jill Erickson on the NPR Air Waves!

It’s true!  Jill Erickson, Head of Reference and Adult Services at FPL, is becoming a radio celebrity on the National Public Radio air waves.  A regular on Mindy Todd’s The Point; Jill was interviewed on the subject of libraries and e-books yesterday, along with WCAI’s Sean Corcoran, on

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When will we ever learn?

When will we ever learn?  The issues of the safe use of nuclear power and safe nuclear waste disposal are ever with us.  In the wake of the Fukushima disaster in Japan, officials and citizens have been rethinking the use of nuclear power.  But these problems did not arise overnight.  Dealing with the harmful effects of nuclear radiation has been…

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Become a Certified Babysitter

Are you or someone you know interested in babysitting?  Then you should know that the 4H Club offers a babysitting course that teaches important skills for responsible babysitters.  Topics covered in this two part course include: 
o child safety
o first aid & emergencies
o feeding & nutrition
o stages of child…

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Our outside wireless is working again

Since it is still winter you may not have noticed that our outside Library Lawn West and Library Lawn East WiFi signals have been off for a couple of weeks.  We had some technical trouble but that has been fixed. As of today they are back on and working.  Just in time for spring in a few weeks.

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New Overdrive help page

For all of our e-reader patrons, Overdrive has launched a new and improved help page.  The new page on their website has detailed instructions about how to borrow library e-books for many different devices. Check it out here Overdrive help page

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Separate Facts from Fiction

Are you disgusted by the lack of substance in this year’s Primary Campaign?  Are you sick of “sound bites”?  Are you totally turned off by the hype and the hoopla, the personal attacks from all sides, by and for all the contenders?  Are you looking for the voice of REASON?

Visit the Library to sample some of…

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Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey

Are you enjoying the Downton Abbey series? The last episode of the second season will end on Sunday February 19. This list may minimize the withdrawal symptoms!

Books & Movies to Enjoy


The American Heiress: a novel
by Daisy Goodwin.

“Be careful what you wish for. Traveling abroad…

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Get Ready for Valentine’s Day!


Trying to get inspired for Valentine’s Day? Head over to the library! We have poetry about love, music about love, films about love, and even a book on sailor’s valentines. One of our favorite valentine books is Sailors’ Valentines by John Fondas. It not only includes fabulous photos of sailors’ valentines, but it also…

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John Hough, Jr. Talks About SEEN THE GLORY

On Saturday, February 11th, the “What’s Falmouth Reading?” committee had the pleasure of presenting our author of 2012, John Hough, Jr. speaking about our town wide read Seen the Glory: a novel of the battle of Gettysburg.  John was particularly delighted that on our tenth year of choosing books, we had chosen his, and…

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Looking for volunteers to help patrons with e-reader and computer questions

Is anyone interested in forming an e-reader / computer help group here at library? I (Peter Cook, Information Systems) am looking for volunteers. I have heard a lot of talk about a need for a group of volunteers willing to help out other library visitors.  If you have an interest to help and share your knowledge email .  Thanks.…

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New wireless location in the Falmouth Library

During my travels in the library building I have been surveying the wireless coverage in different areas.  One area that had a weak signal, and is visited nearly every minute of the day, is the lower lobby area where the tables and chairs are (and tax forms this time of year!).  Often a patron will mention that the signal is…

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Sometimes there just isn’t enough room in a tweet to say all one wants to say. This would be the case when I came across the word “brogan” while reading our town wide read, Seen the Glory. The sentence that caught my attention was this:

“They went on through the trees and scrub and…

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