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July 2011

Scout Report and Old Boston Photographs

My pick from this weeks Scout Report is the Old Boston Photograph Collection!

“9. Old Boston Photograph Collection

In 2007, the Boston Public Library rediscovered a rather intriguing cache of
photographs from the late 19th century in their archives. While there…

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Discovering the Boston Harbor Islands

If you are looking for a summer escape and a history lesson you might want to consider taking a short boat ride out of Boston Harbor to George’s Island.  On the island you will find Fort Warren, which is considered the most important Civil War site in New England.  One hundred fifty years ago Fort Warren was used to…

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CLAMS Doesn’t Have It?

The CLAMS* library system has lots of wonderful things … books (books on CD, books on cassette, digital audiobooks, ebooks and, of course, the original format!), playaways, movies, music, newspapers, magazines, microfiche and online databases.  But, as much as we would like to, we just can’t have it all.  If you would like to borrow something that CLAMS doesn’t…

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Cape Cod Noir Tomorrow Afternoon!

Join us tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. for five great writers! All five have stories in the newly published Cape Cod Noir, the latest and greatest installment in Akashic’s Noir series! Editor of the Cape Cod Noir volume, David L. Ulin, will join us (if…

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Tragedy Tonight!

I am pleased to at last announce the cast and discussion panel for tonight’s reading from Philoctetes by Sophocles. The reading will be at 7:00 p.m. on the library lawn. Please bring a lawn chair or blanket.


POORNIMA KIRBY (Neoptolemus)
Credits include Mrs. De Winter, Sleep No…

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Periodical Profile:  Golf & Tennis Magazines

The library is buzzing with the influx of summer residents and visitors.  Books and DVDS are flying off the shelves as fast as we can put them back into circulation. (Sometimes faster!) That means that summer is in full swing!  Speaking of swing … how is your golf or tennis swing?  If you are looking to improve your game…

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Beach Reads, Part Two, on The Point

We were lucky enough to have a special guest start on this morning’s edition of The Point with Mindy Todd. The topic was summer reads, and who better to talk about summer reads than David Ulin, editor of the recently released Cape Cod Noir. If you missed it, it will be…

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Sophocles @ the Library

As many of you already know there has been some disagreement about the performance of The Women of Trachis on the library lawn originally scheduled for Tuesday, July 19th. If you have not already read the articles ... you might try the front page of Tuesday’s Falmouth Enterprise or the great article in Thursday’s

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The Scout Report and Clam Chowder

One of my favorite weekly reads is the e-mail that comes from the Internet Scout Report. What’s the Scout Report? Most importantly, from a reference librarian’s point of view, the Scout Report leads you to accurate & trusted web sites. Well here is how they describe themselves:

“The Scout Report is the flagship publication of the Internet Scout…

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Baby Aurelia’s First Tale at the FPL


Even though Baby Aurelia is only one month old today, she has her very own library card.  Here she is with her family at the library as they read Olivia by Ian Falconer (Aurelia’s big sister’s name just happens to be Olivia, too!) Aurelia is the first baby to take advantage of the First Tales Early Literacy…

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Library Book Sale Flash Mob Update!

For those of you who were lucky enough to witness the Friends of the Falmouth Public Library flash mob ... I’ve discovered more details about the event! If you weren’t there ... there is actually a video of them practicing for the event which you can watch on youtube! I had no idea there were…

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Thoughts on an Amazing Week at the Library

Some things that happened in this amazing week at the library.

On Tuesday we got new oversize shelving, and moved the shelving that had been used for oversize books into the fiction stacks. We also got some fabulous new shelving for our Cancer Resource Center in the Reference Room.

On Wednesday we got…

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