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Friday Reads:  The Ultimate Allergy-Free Cookbook

One of the fun things about being a reference librarian is that I get to inspect every new book, CD and movie before it is put on the shelf.  The goal (not completely attainable unless I have a memory like a computer) is to familiarize myself with what’s in the library so I can help patrons find just what they…

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Friday Reads: Sacco and Vanzetti by Bruce Watson

Some books are fine to read by yourself.  You, your thoughts and the book are complete.  There is no need for validation, clarification or exploration.  Other books, however, seem to demand a group discussion to draw out subtleties, probe dense material or compare points of view.  A good book discussion will make the reader consider things they wouldn’t have come…

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REFERENCE RESOURCE:  Encyclopedia of Jewish Folklore and Traditions.  2 Vols.  REF 398.2 ENC

This year the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah begins on December 16.  In earlier times, the annual 8-day celebration was also called the Feast of Tabernacles.  This perhaps more clearly indicates its significance as the re-dedication of the Temple after being defiled by the ancient Greeks.  How did I find out about this?  It just so happens that the Falmouth Public…

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Website Wednesday: Falmouth Theatre Guild Scrapbooks

Today’s website Wednesday was brought to my attention by Peter Cook, our IT guy, who also spends lots of time working with the Falmouth Theatre Guild. His most recent project for them is digitizing their scrapbooks! This is a labor of love, because they have LOTS of scrapbooks. Thanks to this digital project, we can now…

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Take LYNDA (.com) Home with You!

Now you can take LYNDA (.com) home with you! 
Lynda.com can help anyone learn software, technology, creative and business skills to achieve personal and professional goals.  With a vast library of over 3000 courses and over 100,000 training videos, where do you begin?

Start at: falmouthpubliclibrary.org
On the Falmouth Public Library Homepage,…

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Reference Resource: The Merck Manual Go-To Home Guide for Symptoms.  REF 616.047 MER

Winter is upon us, and young or old, at home, at school or at work, winter is the season that we are most aware of illness and its discomforts. 
The Merck Manual Go-to Home Guide for Symptoms is written by a large team of specialists expressly for use by the layperson. 
At the beginning of the…

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The Falmouth Public Library has a terrific collection of knitting books for knitters of all levels and covering a wide range of projects and styles.  We also have three magazines devoted to knitting:  Vogue Knitting International, Creative Knitting and Interweave Knits.

With Christmas rapidly approaching this is high…

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Mysteries on The Point with Mindy Todd

We had such a fun time with author Peter Abrahams this morning as Mindy, Peter, and I talked about mysteries. Thanks to all of you who called in with your mystery suggestions! Below are our picks, as well as all the listener picks.

Peter’s Picks

Murder on the Orient Express by…

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